Oven-Free Weekend Eats.

Last week I got completely addicted to this little web site called Pinterest. At first I didn’t know much about it but I knew you could easily collect pictures of all sorts of things… clothes, home decor, food, and adorable animals doing funny things. My interest in it was two-fold: I was looking for some ideas for food that I can make without an oven, and I’m also looking for some kind of DIY project that I can do in my house. And so far, I’m about halfway there. I’ve found some food, and about a thousand pictures of rooms I want in my pretend house I will have someday when I hit the German lotto. Oh man, it is addicting. But to the food!

I found a recipe for Spaghetti with Tomatoes, Black Olives, Garlic and Feta Cheese that sounded pretty quick and easy, and most importantly, did not require an oven. So this weekend I gave it a whirl. Now for the comparison… here’s the picture from the recipe.

Image via www.foodandwine.com

And here was what mine looked like…

Looks just like the picture, right? *coughs* Whatever, the bowl was enough for dinner both yesterday and today and I’m all about leftovers that don’t involve meat.

I already had some penne at home, so I used that instead of spaghetti. Then I pretty much ignored the recipe and just threw everything in. Whoever took that picture obviously just sprinkled the feta on top for the photo because if you follow the recipe and toss everything (pasta, tomatoes, Greek olives, capers, parsley, feta cheese and garlic/oil dressing) together, the feta melts all over the place. It tasted good, but it didn’t look nearly as pretty as that photo. But taste is the important thing. As is finding things that I can make that don’t require an oven, and aren’t grilled cheese sandwiches. Because I’m getting tired of those.

But back to that other reason I wanted to check out Pinterest. I’m dying to do some kind of decoration in my bed nook, but I need it to be easy, cheap (see the Financial post), and it can’t involve a ton of holes in the wall. My landlord requested that I don’t do that, so I’ve been trying. But the white walls in here are driving me crazy. The wall above my couch is empty, but I’m not usually looking at that, so I can live with it. But this….

…. is making my completely insane. It’s so absurdly white. 

The picture you can see is a Klimt print that was there when I moved in. I like Klimt, but I’m not crazy about the one in here so that can certainly go. So I’m taking suggestions… if you’ve got any, please send them my way!

And if any of you are on Pinterest as well and want to follow/be followed, just click on that little button in the sidebar. Pins!


5 thoughts on “Oven-Free Weekend Eats.

  1. that seems like a perfect place to use those wall stickers- They must be available there, come in tons of large-scale designs, and are designed to be easily removed.

  2. That was my thought too…. I haven't seen them here, but I just did a quick Google and found a German site with a ton of options! I have no idea how well they stay up though… that's my only concern. Things to think about anyway….

  3. I had the same problem with our rental apartment in Shanghai. I bought those wall stickers from Ikea but they weren't clean removable, so I didn't dare to use them.
    Eventually I used TESA powerstrips to stick onto the wall whatever I liked (even paintings if you want)…I had those plastic photo bags – as small or as huge as you like, I used several of 10×10 and filled them with stuff.

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