Süß Freitag.

Happy Friday to all! I just had the pleasure of walking home from the Altstadt through some gently falling snow, so hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to wake up in lovely white and wintry world. Really I’m just hoping for a break from the rain… I don’t know about the rest of Germany but it has been downright gray, wet, and blah here in Nürnberg, and some white snow would be a welcome break. But to the cake!

Today’s cake comes from the Kalchreuther Bäcker that is all too-conveniently located in my local Rewe. The sign said it’s a Bienenstich, and Google translate tells me that means “beehive.” Cute, right? Under the giant cream layer, the bottom was a small crust of white cake, and then the top was white cake with a kind of honey-glaze (at least, I think so), on top. Between the sweet glaze and the enormous amount of cream, this was dessert for two meals. If I keep up eating stuff like this, I might have to hire someone to roll me around town.

It also reminded me a lot of the super-awesome and famous Cream Puffs that you can buy at the Wisconsin State Fair. They look like this…

If there was an 8th Deadly Sin, it would totally be State Fair Cream Puffs. Luckily, you only want to eat one per year because that’s enough to hold you until the next State Fair. As a matter of fact, just thinking about these is making me full. Eesh.

And to get one more plug in for the weekend, if you didn’t read my article I wrote for the new Native Foreigner online magazine, get with the program and click the link in the post below! 


3 thoughts on “Süß Freitag.

  1. OMG! I am so excited that there IS in fact Bienenstich in Winter! The places I go in Bamberg only make it in the Spring. Note: THE BEST Bienenstich is found in Unter Spiesheim a TINY little town about 20 minutes from Schweinfurt. Well worth the trip.

  2. It can be found indeed, Mandy! I think I saw it this week too, but I don't remember where. Can't say that I've been to Unter Spiesheim, but I have some friends up in that area so maybe I can check it out sometime.

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