Airport Update.

Like I said, my layover is too damn long. But a few more notes from Cinci….

People-watching at the airport is the best thing ever. Some of my favorites thus far include:

  • Every kid on the flight to Orlando a few gates down. So. Many. Mickey Mouse. Ears.
  • The one kid NOT wearing mouse ears, but wearing a Superman cape and whooshing around the terminal. 
  • All the ladies wearing nice traveling outfits… cute tops, nice pants, scarf, and blinding white Nikes/Reeboks/insert other athletic shoe here. Oh, Americans. 
  • Busy business people rushing around doing their George Clooney in “Up in the Air” impressions. 
  • The 5 or 6-year old girl walking in front of me who had the most adorable suitcase ever. It was pink (of course), sparkly, and had a Eiffel Tower/Arc de Triomphe motif. I wanted it. 
  • The gorgeous stewardess who strode confidently down the terminal wearing knee-high f*ck me boots. You know that she’s not only in the mile-high club, she’s the frickin’ V-P of it. 

So I totally caved and had a beer. But they had Kentucky Ale! And I’m in Kentucky! I should support the local economy and such. Sadly they don’t have Kentucky Ale glasses, so here it is in a Blue Moon glass instead….

Extra bonus: When the waitress set it down she said, “It’s coming out with a lot of foam so I think we’re gonna 86 it after this.” I had no idea that 1) people were still saying ’86’ and 2) it would sound so funny in a little Kentucky twang. Amusements. Plus she called me honey about 50 times. There’s the charm. 


6 thoughts on “Airport Update.

  1. Awww, I miss Blue Moon. I think I'm the only person who doesn't like German beer.

    Maybe it's because I'm from Chicago, but I never see Americans wearing white athletic shoes. Even my Mom wouldn't be caught dead wearing athletic shoes unless she was exercising. Other expats always talk about it though. Is this a rural thing? A small city thing? Where do people do this?

  2. So Chicago-ans are the exception? Interesting. I know a bit north of you in the Milwaukee area it is pretty common. And judging from the amount of time I've spent in airports lately, it's prevalent everywhere else too. But definitely keep an eye out… the next time you see a large group of American tourists in a big Euro city somewhere, check out the feet. Especially if they're on one of the AARP tours that involves actually getting off the bus!

  3. Blue Moon's not bad, but there's better beer to be had in the states.

    To be honest, I'm finding that the beer here in Germany is *weaker* than the stuff I enjoyed most back in Florida. I wasn't expecting that at all…

  4. I do like Blue Moon, but agree that there are better beers to be had. For both this visit and the Christmas visit to Wisconsin, I spent the time filling up with assorted beers from the Leinenkugel and New Glarus breweries. Fantastic. I did have a rough night with a few too many Batch 19's though. Darn that pre-Prohibition style lager.

    Really? I don't know if I find it to be weaker, but I do find that it's purer and so you can drink as much (ok, or more) as you would in the States but without the terrible cheap-beer hangover. Which is perfectly fine with me.

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