Greetings from Fabulous Cincinnati.

Fun fact: The Cincinnati airport is not in Ohio. It’s in Kentucky. Totally logical, right?

It’s always an enjoyable experience having a layover that is so long that only six other people are here waiting so far, and the plane isn’t here yet. If I wasn’t afraid of being judged (we are in America here), I would totally go have an over-priced beer in one of the mediocre restaurants. I already hit the duty-free and bought perfume for kicks and giggles. I’ve never bought anything in duty-free before and was a little confused when the woman said it would be hermetically sealed like Dick Clark and returned to me when I boarded. I mean, it’s perfume, not Jack Daniel’s; I’m not planning on chugging the bottle while I sit here for the next three hours. Weird. But the airport here seems okay; at the very least I didn’t have to go through security again and get corralled at the gate two hours before the flight with no more water bottle and no access to food or bathrooms. I guess they don’t care as much about security when you are leaving the U.S.

But anyway, since I’m here in Fabulous Cincinnati, I will say that I know absolutely nothing about this city except for this….

You are welcome. In case you aren’t familiar, this clip is from an 80’s-tastic movie called “Babes in Toyland,” which I LOVED and my mother LOATHED. I can’t for the life of my understand why. 

One last thing before I kill some time with reading Thought Catalog and gossip sites for the next three hours….

Look at that sad-face. That is Kaylee’s patented, “I See A Suitcase Which Means You’re Leaving Again And Confusing My Universe” face. She is a whiny, annoying, bark-y, and completely co-dependent creature, but I love her dearly and she is my favorite furry girl.


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