The Ups and Downs of Amerikuh #2

I forgot one…

Pro: Getting to hear new music. I am completely obsessed with this song…

Also, this one…

I know you can hear this music here, but I don’t have MTV, and I never listen to the radio. So I’m pretty much in a black hole unless someone tells me to listen to something. 


11 thoughts on “The Ups and Downs of Amerikuh #2

  1. on this note, one thing I am starting to really HATE about Germany is the GEMA censoring. There are so many videos that you can't watch on youtube in Germany because the song isn't allowed. So, anytime someone uses the song as background music in a slideshow, the whole video is disabled. grrrr.

  2. I will start posting more music on the facebox for you to enjoy. I love both of those songs. Jack White has some new music out that I really like to. Also, check this group called LMFAO…I hear they are really talented.


  3. That would be amazing. Technically, I could just plug in the radio/CD player I have for class, but usually it lives in my bag that I use to haul it around to lessons.

  4. There's a way around it… at least for Firefox users. There's an add-on called Proxtube that unblocks it. GEMA was making me legit crazy until I figured that out.

  5. After a brief test, I can confirm that Proxtube does not work for Grooveshark.

    However, I've had great success with the vpn- it's not too expensive, and I've successfully used it for Netflix and Pandora already from Germany.

  6. This is what I love about expat life: teamwork. Haha.

    I might look into that site… I'm a bit nervous about those things though, as the last time I downloaded something similar it made my computer go all nutty. So I ended up deleting it almost immediately. Does it work for Hulu and the U.S. network sites too?

  7. Yes, it'll work with anything. What the VPN software does is routes your traffic through a US based IP, so you appear to be in a geographically desireable location.

    You can select other areas, but I have it randomly select a US IP and it works beautifully. Hulu, Pandora, Netflix, Spotify- you name it, this will make it believe you're in the US.

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