Random Holiday Alert

Did you know it was a holiday?


Me either.

I was puzzling over the amount of ladies that were walking around carrying roses this morning, and my confusion mounted when I was walking across the company campus before my lesson where I saw a guy carrying a big bunch of flowers. 

Then, in my last lesson, one of my students informed me that it was “International Women’s Day,” and then went on a bit about Socialists and how it was more popular in the GDR than in Western Germany, since more women worked in the GDR. He also said he bought flowers for his mom, wife, and daughter for the occasion, and flowers are cheaper now than on Valentine’s Day which he was happy about. I was amused. 

I quite like this poster though, it’s like the Socialist Rosie the Riveter. Girl power!

Image via Wikipedia

So if you are like me, and were confused by the amount of rose stems and petals that were randomly scattered about today, there you go. I was just confused because apparently “International Women’s Day” can also be celebrated by odd guys coming up and talking to me. Which happened twice today. Luckily the second slightly creepy encounter was warded off when one of my students arrived at the bus stop and saved me from further weird conversation.

In other news, the first week back to work went just fine. Some of my students were very sweet and had Google translated words such as, “condolences,” and some others were just like, “hey, good to see you again.” I think the groups that had my Bossman as the substitute were fairly relieved to have me back. They all said that Bossman was “strange,” which  is pretty much the understatement of the year. He’s in the “might be batshit crazy nutty professor” vein, and I think he scared one or two of them. Or maybe they were just happy to have me back because I brought candy. Because what says “I’m the Best English Teacher Ever” like Skittles, Starbursts and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? Since the mini Reese’s P.B.C. went over pretty well last time, I brought the normal-sized ones this time. And a few of my students ate 3-4 of them. My favorite was the student who proclaimed that he wanted to lose 10 kilograms, as he unwrapped his second one and shoved the whole thing in his mouth. And he took another one to go, but it was okay because he had judo tonight. Justify away sir, justify away.


4 thoughts on “Random Holiday Alert

  1. Ha, ha! I remember laughing when a friend of mine said “I just don't know why I can't shift this last 10 kg of baby weight” as she put a giant wedge of cake into her mouth. She was so oblivious to her actions she couldn't understand why I was laughing – it was literally a quarter of a cake!

    Rolls-Royce were handing out roses to all female employees yesterday. Sadly not all girlfriends of employees though. Pah!

  2. I guess the question of the day really was roses or candy then? 😉 I didn't know that flowers were a big thing today… Of course I don't get out much either though. Happy Friday! Hope you ahve a great weekend after your first week back. 🙂

  3. Haha. Well, he definitely acknowledged it, he even said (what sounded like) “Verdammte Scheisse” as he unwrapped it.

    Same thing at the company I teach in. I feel like that wouldn't fly in the U.S., something about sexism in the workplace. But I could be wrong. Didn't the b/f try to snag you one??

  4. I think it was win-win. My students are mostly male, so they weren't left out. But the ladies got flowers and candy. Score. And happy Friday to you as well… have a nice weekend!

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