We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled… Cake.

After a few weeks hiatus, I am happy to report that Süss Freitag is back on schedule. Today’s cake comes from the bakery down the street and was the perfect complement to the lovely springy day…

Yellow cake on the bottom, gargantuan strawberries on the top. Seriously, they were huge. Almost alarmingly large. 

Cake was my dinner today, as I met with my Sprachduo friend Eva for lunch. We went to Chong’s Diner in Nürnberg, as Eva had told me that she had never had a hamburger before. Well, she’d never had a non-McDonald’s hamburger. As all expats know and lament, it is not easy to find a decent burger abroad, but Chong’s does an okay job. And if they’re lacking in taste, they certainly make up for it in size. The burger is enormous, the bun is bigger, and they put huge pieces of lettuce, tomato, and cucumber (yep, I guess that’s a pickle), on the burgers. And the burgers come with an absolute mountain of French Fries. It’s definitely one of those meals that you can’t even come close to cleaning your plate. But I think Eva enjoyed it, and I enjoyed watching her attempt to eat the burger with a knife and fork at the end when it was falling all over. A messy burger is not for the faint of heart.

I also brought her a few pieces of candy, including a Reese’s P.B.C., and she thanked me and said she’d put it away for Easter. Turns out she gave up chocolate for Lent… luckily she doesn’t know how awesome those things are, otherwise it would be a rough few weeks. There’s no way you could put one of those in front of me and tell me not to eat it for that long. What can I say, I lack self-restraint. 

After lunch, I headed over to the Hauptmarkt to pick up some veggies, and I also got some great spring flowers. I’m still hoping my Dahlia from last year isn’t entirely dead… there are a few bits of green poking up, so I’m hoping it comes back. And my geranium appears to have survived the winter, but it doesn’t look like it’ll be blooming any time soon. So I picked up a Hyacinth bulb, a Crocus….

Normal light
Dramatic late-afternoon light

… and a Cyclamen. Which I had to Google this afternoon because I had no idea what it was when I bought it. It was unlabeled, but I thought it was pretty and so I had to figure out how not to kill it. 

Just look at that blue sky. 

It was really great just to be out in the nice weather the last few days, and even better to see people walking around and enjoying it. The ice cream stands are opening back up, birds are chirping, the cafes have the chairs back outside (with blankets, it’s not that warm yet!), and that means the beer gardens will be opening soon. So happy almost-Spring to all!

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