Frühling Süss Freitag

That’s right, I’m calling it. It might be spring. 

I walked out of the house this morning and there was…. a warm breeze! Wind that was not cold… and the peasants rejoice! It’s about 72°F/22°C right now, which is damn near perfekt.

On the walk to the city, it seemed like everyone was outside. Not to mention that almost every window was flung open. All the outdoor seating at the cafes was full, people had sunglasses on and the Vespa parking area was packed. It was glorious.

In honor of this new season, today’s cake is full of spring-y goodness.

This was a fantastic Rhabarber-Erdbeer Sahnetorte from my local Der Beck. I highly recommend going and getting yourself a slice. I know a lot of people aren’t big rhubarb fans, but I think they would get over it if they tried this. So get going. And open your windows while you’re at it!!

Please excuse my mess.

8 thoughts on “Frühling Süss Freitag

  1. Stevie heard that it was -2 this morning at 7am and by lunch time we had a lovely 19C and tomorrow we're told there'll be 10 glorious hours of sunshine. Yay!!!! I am saying goodbye to my winter coat!

  2. That it has. Which means it's beer garden season again, which means my life just improved by 1000%. My window is pretty slick, but I do have a tendency to crack my head on it when I go to sit on my balcony. I believe that falls into the category of 'first world problems.' Rough, I know.

    To add to the awesome: the window and door also have blinds in-between the panes of glass, which is possibly one of the odder things I've ever seen. But guess who's blinds never get dusty? German ingenuity… gotta love it.

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