After a fair amount of procrastination, I finally decided that I needed to make this page look a bit more like my own. I’ve been trying to brush up on my Photoshop skills which pretty much haven’t been used since college. And to be honest, they weren’t used that much there either. 

What can I say, I sat in the back of the room and slept through my Digital Photography professors tutorials on a regular basis. But really, what sadist schedules a summer course from 8-12 & 1-2 Monday through Friday? That was the worst. He dimmed the lights… talked very quietly…. and one-by-one, all the heads at the computers drooped as he key-commanded his way through the course. Kids.

Luckily for us slackers, we have Google. All you have to do is look for the information and you can find all this business step-by-step. God bless the internet. I managed to make that new header up there, and even a button…. fancy dancy. But I really have little to no idea what the hell I’m doing, so if any design-y folks out there in the world want to give me some advice or point out something that looks just horrendous, by all means… heathergoesdeutsch@gmail.com. Danke!

And I absolutely don’t regret those naps. That professor was the bane of my existence. Let’s hear it for Art degrees! 


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