The Quest for Mexican Food Continues…

Along with the eternal expat quest for the  perfect burger abroad, so goes the quest for perfect Mexican food. As I mentioned back in the Ups and Downs of Amerikuh post, there was a great place in Prague (Las Adelitas in Vinohrady if you’re headed that way), but so far in Nürnberg I haven’t had too much luck. 

One of my Sprachduo partners took me to a place called El Mexicano a few months back. It was right next to the Rennweg U-Bahn station, and although it was winter when we went, it looked like they had a great outdoor seating area. The decor, the staff, was all Mexican, but the menu was decidedly Ger-Mexican. The food was okay but nothing that I’d get too excited about. So the quest rolled on.

A few days ago I was absentmindedly Googling and hoping I’d run across something. Turns out, there’s a tiny restaurant called ‘Hot Tacos’ right in the center that advertises themselves as “slow food fast.” They have a mildly amusing website that swears at you when you click on strange things, so if you want to be cussed at, go here… Hot Tacos. I figured with that kind of name and online presence, they had to be worth a shot.

I swung by while out running my errands on Friday, but the place was packed. And by packed, I mean there were ten people inside and six people outside; as I said, it’s small. They have counters along the wall and front window, but no real ‘seating.’ It’s located on Brunnengasse, which is a small street that runs in-between two of the big shopping streets (Breite Gasse und Karolinenstrße) here in the Altstadt. I cut through there all the time, and there are a few other food stands with bratwurst, doner kebab, etc., and the area is usually pretty full, so I guess that speaks well to the food vendors. But on Friday I was not particularly in the mood to wait, so I had to put it off until today.

After work I headed back that way and was rewarded by only one other customer…. I guess 5pm is the time to go. Anyway. I was in the mood for a burrito, which came in a few varieties: Chili con Carne, Turkey, Vegetarian, and a weekly special. Usually when I first try a new Mexican joint, I shoot for chicken or vegetarian so I opted for a vegetarian burrito for 4.70€. The guy asked me if I wanted it “scharf,” aka spicy, and asked me again when I said “yes.” He also asked if I wanted rice or “mumblemumble” for the filling, so in the interest of safety I went with rice. As for the spice factor, it definitely smelled spicy when they were making it, and I kept on smelling it the whole walk home. Which after 11 hours out of the house on an empty stomach is pretty much torture. I walked fast. I’ll say that.

So when I got home I excitedly chopped open my burrito to take this photo…

Grilled veggies, rice, onions, cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream…. hello. 

The salsa was a touch on the sweet side, which seems to be the trend for Euro salsas. It was spicy, but not unbearable by any means. I think this was definitely a safe option, and I’m looking forward to checking out some of the other items on the menu.


4 thoughts on “The Quest for Mexican Food Continues…

  1. I'm so glad you did some research on this very important issue. Now that I'm working near this place I HAVE to try it out. Nothin quite so bad as a tex-mex craving and nowhere to satisfy it.

  2. That it is. I'm a terrible walker/eater, so it was better for me to get home and comfy with the burrito in front of some quality television programming. 🙂

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