Easter Goodies…

At Christmastime, I really thought I had seen it all. The amount of chocolate and goodies in the stores was completely out of hand. But now that it’s Easter, I’m learning that this is standard issue. There are bunnies EVERYWHERE. I was a little bit upset that I was going to miss out on jelly beans again this year, as I didn’t think they were particularly common here. But then, lo and behold…

Haribo to the rescue! That’s right… Haribo makes jelly beans. And the best part? No nasty licorice flavor! Score. 

But even the “normal flavors” might surprise the unsuspecting snacker. How so? Well, in the U.S., most candy that is green is a ‘lime’ flavor, and most candy that is purple is a ‘grape’ flavor. Not here. So what do they have instead?

So if you’re expecting a grape flavor, you might be a bit thrown by the black currant. And if you’re expecting lime, prepare yourself for the peach/passionfruit. Neither of which are green. Weird.


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