Süss Freitag

Today’s treat is not a cake… shocker, I know.

Instead I decided to try one of the intriguing Easter-themed treats on offer at the bakery. Behold…

the Spiegelei. Basically, a squished doughnut with the filling on the outside, then topped with an apricot to mimic the look of an egg. Fun!

All the bakeries have some really fun looking treats. I’ve seen cookies shaped like bunnies, and little cakes that look quite similar to Peeps. But every time I’ve passed that bakery on the way home, they’ve been out. So my goal is to get one of those before Easter. I also appreciate that the bakeries are currently selling dyed hard-boiled eggs as well. I guess if you’re feeling too lazy to dye your own, you can just swing by and pick up a couple. Easy-peasy.

In other news: I’m currently having some slight computer issues.  Because if it isn’t one damn thing, it’s another. Grumble.

Long story short: When I plug in my laptop, something isn’t connecting so it doesn’t always charge. It works if I jerry-rig it, but unfortunately I can’t do that in a way that is conducive to working on it. It pretty much works in one position so I haven’t been able to do anything particularly useful this week. I’m typing this in a super-awkward position right now. It’s not fun.

I went to two computer stores thus far but they weren’t able to fix it, and so I’m going to another one today. I did fix this same problem while in Prague, and it’s looking like if they can fix it, it will be quite pricey and might take like, two weeks. Considering how reliant I am on my computer for work, being without it that long is really not a choice. So the better choice might be to suck it up and finally buy another one. The sad part is that the hard drive is fine, it’s just the 5+ year-old body that’s been beat to hell. but if it’s going to cost that much to fix, I might just be better off learning to type on a German keyboard. Umlauts for everyone!

8 thoughts on “Süss Freitag

  1. PURE GENIUS. I want that thing right now.
    You might look at new computers online… they may ship internationally for free. My little macbook is about at the end of its life, too, and I'm trying REALLY hard to make it last till we get back to the states !

  2. Wowww that looks good! I have come home today with what looks like a giant hot cross bun. I am hoping it is anyway…! Good luck with your puter! It didn't take me too long to get used to a Danish keyboard when mine blew up a year or so ago Emma 🙂

  3. I'm reading your blog for some time now, and I really enjoy your thoughts about Germany. But could please change the title of “Süss Freitag”…please! It's either “Der süsse Freitag” or “Süsser Freitag”…. I'm sorry, that the first comment I'm writing is in true german style; telling you what you did wrong. But I hope you -as an english teacher- understand why I do so ;o)

  4. How cool! I had a French April Fools treat for the first time on Sunday… it's a pastry that looks like a fish but is filled with a delicious almond paste. I think it would taste great with the apricot 'egg' doughnut 🙂

  5. @Alyx: Check your local bakery! It was pretty tasty.

    @Emma: I hope you enjoyed your hot cross bun!

    @MCT: Thank you for the note! I need all the help I can get with the German… I'll try and do it right from Friday on.

    @Sara Louise: That sounds excellent! I remember our French teacher in high school absolutely loved April Fools Day and spent most of the day running around with little paper poisson, trying to pin them on people. Good times. 🙂

  6. You may be able to save some of the parts of that computer for external use (like the hard drive), or to upgrade a new purchase (the RAM).

    And “going native” with a German keyboard is not such a big deal, if you're not a programmer. Punctuation for programmers is kind of a pain on the German keyboard, since [] and {} involve the Alt-Gr key. You'll get used to the Z-Y switcheroo pretty quickly, and you get the benefit of a native key for ÖÄÜß (wow, just tried to pronounce that).

    Good luck!

  7. Thanks Cliff! The hard drive is currently out, and one of my students has a few ideas on what to do about it. It's a work in progress.

    You're right, it's not the end of the world. I can switch between a German and English keyboard on here, but then I run into the problem where the symbols are all mixed up. Tricky.

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