Last Weekend By Numbers

Greetings from my fancy-dancy new computer! Okay, it’s not really that fancy-dancy, but it is new, and has the following things that make it a step up from my old one: a functioning CD/DVD drive, a built-in webcam and microphone (yes, that’s how old my old one was!), a functioning cable sensor and a functioning chip set. The bad news is that I didn’t have time to back up my many many gigs of music/movies before I handed it over to the repair place, so I will probably have to pay them more money to retrieve that data from the old hard drive. Grumble. But, that computer finally came to the end of its nine lives, and I’m on to the new one. 

I took the computer to the repair shop last Friday, and so was without any computer access for a little less than six days. That’s nothing compared to the Great Computer Fiasco of 2009, wherein I was without a computer for two loooong months, but at that time I lived with roommates, so there was almost always one to borrow for email and so on. Not here. I joked with my students yesterday that I was developing twitches like a drug addict and I was only half-kidding. It was rough going. 

In that spirit, I present my last weekend by numbers. Now, if you harbor any delusions about the super-exciting expat life I lead, you might want to skip this one. It paints a much less interesting picture, but it’s honest. In my defense, I was out of town last weekend with the Villagers, so my house was a completely disastrous mess that needed dealing with. Also, I really didn’t want to go do anything because I didn’t want to spend any money in anticipation of possibly needing to buy a new computer. So there were reasons for the lame-ness. But anyway, here we go. The weekend by numbers.

.75: Liters of wine drunk.
1: American movie watched in German. ‘The Hangover’ was on TV on Sunday night. The Joy Behar joke got left out. Boo. Mostly I just wanted to see how they translated the whole ‘man purse’ vs. ‘satchel’ thing.
1: Nails painted out of boredom, but with a lack of commitment to finishing the rest of the job. 
1: Tram ride. I dragged myself to the office to make copies, and every week I do this I am reminded of my strong dislike for the number 6 tram. I always feel like I could walk there faster.
1.5: Shows watched strictly because they were in English. Fun fact: the only show that comes in on my TV that is not dubbed in German, is ‘Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting.’ If anyone can tell me why, I would appreciate it. When I mentioned this to my students yesterday, they laughed, laughed some more, and then proclaimed their love of that show and did spirited imitations of Mr. Ross. Good times.
2: Radio stations tuned in. On Friday night, my satellite stopped working. I had flashbacks of when our TV in Prague stopped working mysteriously and panicked a little. Then I remembered I have a CD player for lessons that could, in fact, be used as a radio. 
2.5: Lemons used. 
4: Unnecessary trips to the laundry room. My washing machine takes a different amount of time for every load, and I can’t hear it from in my flat, so I never know if it’s finished or not.
4.40: Unnecessary Euros spent. I sprang for a Starbucks on the walk home from the office.
4+: Liters of water drunk. 
5: Loads of laundry completed. This might be a weekend record. I even did the kitchen towels. 
10+: Cups of tea drunk. I’m trying to work juice out of my diet, and sticking strictly to water and tea with lemon. This is exciting stuff.
14: Lesson plans resentfully hand-written. I hate writing lesson plans when I can type them, and I hate them even more when I have to waste many hours of my life writing them out by hand. 
18: American television shows watched in German.
45: Minutes spent walking home from the office. Also, I got to see a bubble party at Lorenzkirche. Excitement.
90: Minutes spent on the balcony on Sunday afternoon. That was about the only time it was warm enough to sit out there.

700: Eggs that will support a 200kg. chicken coop. Well, I guess technically it would be 650, since about 50 broke. These are the things you learn when watching Galileo. 
1,307: Pages read. 

∞: Things I wanted to Google, and then promptly forgot.
∞: Words looked up in my German dictionary while watching TV, which I then promptly forgot.


6 thoughts on “Last Weekend By Numbers

  1. Sheer curiosity- why are you trying to phase juice out of your diet?

    Also, did you get your music and such off your old drive? If all else fails, you do have a friend a short train hop away who has some skills in that regard…

  2. Well it's been a multi-step process. First I downgraded from soda to juice, now I'm trying to downgrade from juice to water. I'm trying to just have one glass in the a.m., as opposed to drinking a liter of apple juice a day. Too much sugar and all. More water.

    Funny story. I got my documents and photos, but the music/videos are still on the old hard drive. One of my students offered to try fixing it for me, so my old laptop is currently in about 1000 pieces here, there was soldering involved, and now we need a new part. So he's going to try and acquire that so we can put the thing back together. But I will keep your skills in mind, thanks!!

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