Süsser Freitag

Getting cake today was a bit of a challenge. Here in Deutschland, Good Friday or Karfreitag is an official holiday. This of course means that everything is closed. This week was a bit crazy with work and the computer issues, so that meant my grocery shopping time was severely limited. I headed into the center today, hoping that at least the farmer’s market, the Easter market, or at least my stand-by bakeries would be open so I could get a few things. But no luck. Everything was closed with the exception of Starbucks, and a handful of gelato stands or döner-type places. 

Luckily, there is always the train station. The fact that shops in the train station are allowed to remain open on Sundays and holidays has saved my butt on many occasions now. I’ll still have to go out tomorrow to pick up veggies and so on, which should be fun as stores are normally nutty on Saturdays, and will probably be even worse due to the holiday and 4-day weekend for everyone. Fun fun. But I’ll live. Cake!

As per usual, the tags above the cakes didn’t necessarily correspond to what you got, but I think the girl said this was Holunder-Kirsch Torte. Or something to that effect. So if that’s true, it was an elderberry/cherry mix. There were definitely cherries, so I believe that part of it. But I’m not really familiar with elderberries so I don’t know what they are supposed to taste like. It was good. I’ll go with that. But the sticky consistency of the top crust meant that it stayed together as the rest of the cake fell apart, so it was not the neatest cake in the world. But it all ends up in the same place, right?

Today is also very important for a non-Easter related reason….

… that’s right, it’s Opening Day for the Brewers! So I’m sporting my Christmas gift from my sister, picked up a couple of beers, and will be anxiously checking the score later this evening. I’ll only be slightly jealous of my friends who are getting to watch the game live, or enjoying it on big-screen TV’s, eating beer-battered brats, and hearing the sound of the bat on the ball. 

Wait a minute… I live in Germany, land of beer and bratwurst. I should totally get a grill for my balcony. Any ideas if that’s legal?  


8 thoughts on “Süsser Freitag

  1. The best thing to do is ask your landlord. There are likely some regulations you have to consider (hi, welcome to Germany…):

    — fire code
    — local ordinances
    — house rules

    Our apartment doesn't have a balcony and our building doesn't have a Hof or Garten or any kind of outdoor space. But we do have a portable gas grill, which I'm considering using out on the street. On the other hand, the wonderful smells would go right up into the apartment of the ancient woman above us and I'm sure she'd have a problem with that. So our only option is to schlep the grill down to the nearest park for a picnic.

    But sometimes I want to eat food I grilled myself INDOORS! I guess we'll have to move when the motivation becomes strong enough.

  2. I'm going to have to dig out my lease, I don't think there was anything in it about a grill. Hmmmm….

    Luckily I'm on the top floor and only have one neighbor who's basically never home. So I can't really see anyone complaining. A gas grill might work well, though I am pretty partial to charcoal. Buuuut living in a fourth floor walk up and already carrying an excess of crap up and down stairs all the time does not make me want to run out and buy a heavy bag of charcoal. Hm. Decisions.

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