Culture, History, Kittehs.

My original plan today was to run errands, stock up on food for the long weekend, and visit the Easter Market. But this morning it was rainy, gray, and generally blah, so all I managed to do was go to the supermarket. It has cleared up a little bit, but big scary clouds keep rolling through and I just wasn’t feeling like possibly getting caught in a downpour. I enjoy being dry on days when I don’t have to run all over the city in cruddy weather. So how about something else instead?

As I mentioned back in the Rome post, there are a whooooole lot of cats running around the city. So if you’re in the mood to count fuzzy creatures, check out the pictures!

All these cats were in the Area Sacra Argentina. Why so many pictures? Well, I’m a fan of furry creatures, and I thought they were funny. I enjoyed the way they were just hanging out and waiting for old ladies to come and feed them.

We did see quite a few other furry friends around the city, including one who hung out in the garden of our host’s building and was very friendly, but this is the only other one I snapped. Snacktime!

And yes, perhaps 20+ photos of cats has something to do with why I ran out of room on my memory card, and was having to delete photos as we went along. Whoops.

7 thoughts on “Culture, History, Kittehs.

  1. Holy Roman cats! I love it!
    And thanks to you, I realized that we did not have to go hungry today, and I'm happily munching on haribo candy.
    om nom nom!

  2. 12 years ago I was standing RIGHT where you took those photos, marveling at the number of cats. Did you sense my ghost? 🙂

    – RZ

  3. @Mary: Thank you! I don't have instagram… maybe someday when I get an iPhone and join the rest of the world. 🙂

    @Alyx: Thanks and I'm happy to help. I would hate for someone to go without Haribo, especially on a long weekend!

    @Roni: So you were the creeper ghost who was standing behind me and mouth-breathing? That was scary!

  4. Greece is the same with cats and dogs. I may murder you if we have to stop and take a picture of every lounging animal…haha


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