The Easter Bunny Comes A’Knockin’

And by a’knockin, I mean ringing my doorbell, ringing the doorbells of my neighbors, yelling, and screaming. And by Easter Bunny, I mean a drunk person. At 3 o’clock this morning. Needless to say when the doorbell rang and woke me from a dead sleep I was pretty much scared shitless. Happy Easter! Luckily my neighbor’s boyfriend went down and yelled at the guy, then a girl took over the yelling, and I don’t know what happened from there. I stood at my peephole for a few minutes until the people from my floor went back inside, and then tried to go back to sleep. But I heard people yelling again when I took garbage down this morning, so not sure if the same fight was continuing or what. A new girl was moving into the building yesterday, and I think that’s where the yelling today was coming from, so I’m hoping that this does not become a weekend routine. Hell hath no fury like a Heather that gets her sleep interrupted on a regular basis. 

When I woke up at a more reasonable hour, I decided to make one of my favorite Easter goodies…

I loooove deviled eggs. We usually only got them twice a year, on Easter and Thanksgiving. My mom refused to make them for some reason, so we only got them on holidays held at my grandma’s house. 

Also, in case anyone was interested, the Easter grass they sell here is edible. I thought my students were insane this week when we were talking about it, but it is true. 

According to the ingredients list, it’s made out of wafers, food coloring, beetroot juice (huh?), and the usual assortment of science experiment sounding stuff. I like wafers, but this tasted like the wafers that got left out for a couple of weeks. I would recommend skipping the edible Easter grass. But it does make a bit more sense than that annoying plastic crap that we use and you find lurking under the couch six months after Easter. 

I’m trying to save the bunny for dessert later… and here I don’t have to worry about someone eating the ears on me. Oh, the joys of living alone! Hope everyone has a lovely holiday, wherever you may be. 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Easter Bunny Comes A’Knockin’

  1. Oh dear. That sounds like fun. Our family dog is particularly fond of eating all the wrapping paper at Christmas, so the running joke at our house involves the nice colors that decorate the yard afterwards. Fun fun.

  2. Those do sound good! I did feel a little silly making two just for myself, but it's okay. Curry powder sounds like an interesting addition, so maybe I'll give it a whirl next time. My sister makes avocado deviled eggs… sounds gross, tastes great!

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