Chillin mit Jesus.

No, I haven’t suddenly become religious. But yesterday I was in Thalia with a friend and we were perusing the kids section for a confirmation gift for her godson’s brother. Luckily, Thalia has a whole display table dedicated to religious books for kids so there were quite a few choices. These were my two personal favorites….

Making religion cool and fun, yo!

Also, the show ‘Pimp My Ride’ is like, inexplicably popular here. One of my students claims that there was a version where they also ‘pimped’ bikes, but since I don’t have MTV, I have yet to confirm this.

We also swung by the Roland Schuhe shop, and if you have one where you live in Deutschland, I’d get over there ASAP, as they are currently having a sale. A SALE. You know, those things that are totally normal in the U.S. but NEVER HAPPEN HERE. So I got a new pair of shoes for work that were originally 60€ for 25€. Score! I also found several pairs of sandals/flip-flops that I will be coveting for the Greece trip in August. 

I love the red wedges, and there are quite a few other styles that are super cute too, but I fear that my history of clumsiness + cobblestones + heels = disaster. So we’ll stick to the flats. Bring on summer! 


6 thoughts on “Chillin mit Jesus.

  1. You are the only person I know who can combine a post about Jesus and shoes with panache! P.S. I LOVE that title 'Chillen mit Jesus!' that's hilarious! Seriously, if we made t-shirts with that on I reckon we'd be rich by Christmas. Why hello mountain of shoes!

  2. 1) Thank you for a comment including the word 'panache.' Love it.
    2) T-shirts are genius. Any chance you want to work your designy-magic on that? I am in dire need of a new shoe wardrobe. All mine from last year are basically dead.

  3. @RZ: Love the last ones too… don't love the 80€ price tag though. Will have to think about it. They also come in brown instead of blue/white.

    @Wiffy: They have those in pink/black as well. Hop on over to your Roland and snag a pair!

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