Balcony Shots

Just as I was posting the cake photos, the sky absolutely opened up and we had a major downpour. But by the time I finished, it was over. I poked my head out to put the plants back on the balcony, and here are my views in two directions….

To the east, we have the black sky of a few minutes ago and a double rainbow.

To the south, post-rain clouds, blue sky, and sun. 

I love being on the top floor here. We were on the top floor in Prague, but mostly just had a view of the buildings across the street. Here I can look out over the park and I’ve come up with a fun game. I watch the big, dark rainclouds rolling in, and predict how many of the kids will get soaked. Then you can watch them run for it when it starts pouring. Sounds mean, but don’t feel too bad for them, they spend most of the day playing a game called “scream,” and making me nutty. 


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