Last Stop: Spring Dream

For the last few weeks, I’ve seen a poster just like this floating around the Nürnberg U-Bahn stations. I wasn’t able to get close enough to one to give it a good examination though, so I was a bit confused about what exactly they were advertising. I was definitely hoping it was a literal advertisement, and that they were planning on extending the U-Bahn so that the last station would be in a glorious field of green grass and enough yellow blossoms to render someone with moderate allergies incapable of motion. 

But last week I was on the Straßenbahn (tram), and was able to snag a flyer. Upon further examination, and with little help from the Nürnberg public transit (VAG*) website, I figured it out. VAG was hosting a special spring concert event, that involved taking public transit to a “secret concert location” somewhere near Röthenbach. Whether or not that secret location involves the train actually driving into a field of flowers is debatable. I guess I missed the boat (train) to find out though, as this took place last Friday. 

I do think the ad is cool for another reason though. It gives a glimpse of the newer U-Bahn trains, which don’t have drivers. I think they’re pretty slick, and riding in the front of them is a good time. They even have little seats that look out the front window, but those seats are usually occupied by kids, or parents holding their kids up after they climb up onto the ledge in front of the window. Kids get to have all the fun. 

*Bonus maturity points to whoever was able to read VAG without giggling. I usually try to pronounce it the German way in my head to avoid laughing at it on a daily basis.


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