Süsser Freitag

I am happy to report that despite the rain being predicted by my weather ticker every day this week, it has been gloriously sunny all week. This has led to me spending the majority of this Friday on my balcony with a book as opposed to working, or dealing with the mess that resulted when I came back from Berlin and sort of chucked things everywhere instead of properly unpacking. But none of this is important…. what is important? 

Why cake. Of course. Today’s cake is a Donauwelle, which means it’s apparently a river wave. I’ve never been on/in/near a river made of marble cake, sour cherries, cream, and topped with chocolate, but if any of you have, please tell me where to find it. It was ridiculously rich though, which means that half of it is still sitting in my refrigerator to be dealt with at a later point in time. 

And what goes with cake better than a nice drink? When in Berlin this week, we spotted a 6-pack of Caipirinha, aka, the famous cocktail out of Brazil. To be honest, I don’t know if I’ve ever even had one in the U.S., but they’re pretty popular here and delicious. Germany has beer out the wazoo, but so far I haven’t seen too many drinks in the vein of Mike’s Hard Whatever, or any other type of pre-mixed malt liquors. So I decided to try it next time I saw it, and handily my Rewe had it on offer in a 6-pack or individual bottles. I picked up two and it is pretty tasty. Not quite as good as a Caipi in it’s normal form, but if you’re lazy like me, it’s great.  

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