Things I Don’t ♥ About Deutschland…

If you are on your cell phone yammering away in Chinese for 30 straight minutes from Erlangen to Nürnberg on the train, I reserve the right to give you dirty looks. I don’t care if it’s in Chinese, German, English, or whatever, it’s rude. When it’s to the point where I don’t think that there is actually another person on the other end because you haven’t paused for anything but a breath, it’s excessive. And when you get cut off twice and have to call back, that’s what I like to call ‘God and your phone provider sending you a message.’

Normally it doesn’t phase me too much when people pull that crap on the train (because it happens a lot), but I had a bit of a headache to start with and that didn’t help. I couldn’t even concentrate on my Rolling Stone article about ‘The Voice,’ which let’s be honest, is not a mental stretch to pay attention to. Be polite kids… no-one wants to listen to you talk for 30 straight minutes on the train. It’s annoying. 

*Disclaimer #1: I haven’t done a ‘Things I ♥ about Deutschland’ in a while, and I feel a bit bad being negative, but I’ll try and come up with a positive one this week to balance it out.

*Disclaimer #2: This applies everywhere, but at home in the U.S., I don’t deal with this nonsense because I have a car and can travel ensconced comfortably in my own realm of musical delight.


6 thoughts on “Things I Don’t ♥ About Deutschland…

  1. “This is what I call God and your phone provider sending you a message” – simply awesome. My favourite sentence I've read today.

  2. Agreed. I've learned not to walk too closely behind people. There was a particularly horrid shop window down the street from our flat in Prague that was quite dangerous.

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