Bavaria in Pop Culture II

One of my many TV addictions is The Amazing Race. Love, love, love The Amazing Race. I would love to do it, but that whole ‘running’ thing might be an issue. I think the host, Phil Keoghan, has about the best job in the world. Note to CBS: I can arch my eyebrow like nobody’s business… just in case Phil ever decides to retire. I am also excellent at standing on mats and pointing at things. 

The Amazing Race was in Prague when I was there, and I was legitimately upset that I missed the contestants. I would love to be one of those people on the street who randomly helps them. And I totally could have, because some of them took seriously stupid routes on the tasks they chose. But it was fun to see my ‘hood on TV.

I meant to post this a few weeks ago after the Bavaria episode aired, but couldn’t (and still can’t) find any video clips to share. However, I found pictures… so what did they do? 

They come to Germany quite often, and have been in Bavaria a few times. In fact, some crazy fans on the internet claim that they come to Bavaria too much. But when the camera pans over the Alps, it’s hard to argue with that view. Seriously, is it possible to come to Bavaria too much? I don’t think so. They once went to a film studio in Munich (I think), and did a challenge that involved putting on lederhosen and smashing beer bottles (stage ones) over each others head repeatedly. Hilarious. 

For this particular segment, I believe they were near Oberammergau, Füssen, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, etc. Also known as one of my favorite parts of Germany. I ♥ mountains. And castles. 

One of their clues directed them to a bedroom in a castle that inspired Disney. Now, there are two castles quite near to each other in this village/town, so confusion is possible. But I very much enjoyed when some of them climbed the hill to Hohenschwangau, bought tickets for the tour, and started the tour (which is about 30 minutes and guided), before they figured out they were in the wrong castle, and should have hiked up the BIGGER hill to Neuschwanstein. But seriously, which of these castles looks like it inspired Sleeping Beauty’s castle at Disney World?


Don’t get me wrong, I like Hohenschwangau. I think it’s a cool castle and a bit more interesting than Neuschwanstein, in that people actually lived in it. But c’mon. Which one looks like Disney? Yeah. Good job, teams. 

One of the teams had to do a ‘Speed Bump,’ which is where they have to do an extra task after being spared elimination. In this particular ‘Speed Bump,’ the team had to don lederhosen and yodel along with a group of singers. They did a pretty piss-poor job of yodeling (because I’m an expert), but they were enthusiastic about it. 


I’m a big fan of any challenge that involves the contestants putting on “traditional” costumes because I enjoy them looking ridiculous. Also, the ‘Happy Bavarians’ have a few videos on YouTube so if you’re really dying to see more, go have a look.

The rest of the teams went to the Detour, wherein they got two choices: one task sent the teams to retrieve pieces of gingerbread and build a house in the backyard of a witch. Not that interesting, really, but I was happy to see that an actress in Oberammergau had something to do when the Passion Play wasn’t going on. But the other task…. oh, the other task…..

Ask any of my friends, I am a big fan of beards. Don’t ask me why, I just like them. And here in Bavaria you occasionally see a truly impressive one. This task jumped ahead of the bunny steeplechase as my favorite AR task ever. Teams had to choose a Bearded Bavarian and style his beard according to a photo. They were then judged by a ‘Beard Champion,’ whatever the hell that is. And yes, they were all in lederhosen, and had beers in hand. Before noon, I believe. 

Phil showing off the goods: Via

I loved the shots of old dudes in lederhosen sitting around drinking beer in this very traditional-looking Bavarian restaurant, with a huge table covered in curling irons and styling products in the middle. It was a riot. 

The next task involved playing a weird version of curling with a Travelocity Roaming Gnome, which was kind of a let-down after the beards. But I love a gnome, so I guess it’s okay. 

Finally they had to check in at the Pit Stop, which was located in a barn full of cows. It was so cute that I didn’t even care that they recycled the same shot for everyone when they opened the barn door, because one of the cows did the most adorable head swivel. I didn’t mind seeing it several times. I like cows. And I like TAR. Sadly it just ended this week so now I have to wait a few more months for the next round… boo. But seriously, CBS people…. I would be a bitchin’ host. Eyebrow arches for all!


4 thoughts on “Bavaria in Pop Culture II

  1. I love the Amazing Race but have not been watching lately. I need to catch up!

    I applied to be on it a few years ago. I was rejected! Booo!!!

    – RZ

  2. Confession: I have never seen the Amazing Race but I think I'll have to check out an episode since you make it seem really good. But even though I've never seen it, it's so obvious that Neuschwanstein is the more Disney-like of the castles… c'mon people… check out the turrets! 🙂

  3. Well a season just ended so you can watch the whole thing online, I'm sure. And how could they reject you? Boooo indeed! I guess you should go on 'Big Brother' since they seem to like recycling contestants from there!

  4. Well I recommend checking it out on the next rainy day in France! At the very least it's a good way to kill a few hours. And you'd think those turrets would have been a dead giveaway!

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