Kids Get To Have All The Fun.

On Friday afternoon, I met my Sprachduo friend J., and we headed to the Erfahrungsfeld, or ‘Field Experience’ that just opened up for the season in the Wöhrder Wiese. WW is a huge park right near the city center, and every year they have a special exhibit of sorts set up right near the snack bar. It’s really more for parents and kids, but hey, we wanted to go, so off we went. If you’ve been in Nürnberg, you may have seen the posters around… they look something like this….

Basically it’s a ‘discovery of the senses’ kind of deal, focusing this year on the hands and feet. This meant lots of things to touch, push, pull, and so on. There were paths that you were supposed to let another person lead you down so you could guess what surface you were walking on, balance beams, and a tilted house. If you wanted to get your hands dirty, they also have a chocolate making demonstration, you could make bread over a fire, go into a camera obscura wagon, or do different crafts. 

But Friday was hot as all get out, and humid to boot, so most of the kids were gathered around a little pond that had water wheels, and different water-related activities. Apparently most of the parents had not anticipated the heat and brought swimwear because most of the kids were running around sans clothes. A bit different than what you might see at a similar activity in the States. So although I had planned on taking pictures of these different activities, I didn’t want to be the weirdo carrying around a camera with a bunch of unclothed kids running around. It was weird enough with people peering over the fence that separates the Erfahrungsfeld from the rest of the park… I was just hoping they wanted to see what activities were on offer this year. 

I did get in a few pictures though when I felt it was safe, so here you go…

Can you see me?

Inside the Hippodrome tent, they had some fun stuff, including a smoke cannon that made rings, boxes and jars for you to stick your hands into (if you dared, like I told J., there could have been snakes in there and I am so not trusting enough for that), a printmaking station, and a bunch of different scent activities to test your nose. Those were pretty fun but I got a big whiff of vinegar and that smarted like nobody’s business. The big triangle board with all the holes was really tricky; you had to work with a partner and ropes to get a ball from the top to the bottom without letting it fall through any of the holes. We were not coordinated enough for that. It was rough.

Across a wooden bridge there were some more activities like this wind machine. Here you see J. trying to get a breeze going for us.

So if you’re looking for something to do in Nürnberg, especially if you have kids, go check it out. Adults were about 6€ and kids were I think 3 or 4€. We also got a discount as J. subscribes to the Nürnberg newspaper. Kids could easily spend most of the day there, but you do get a handstamp so you can come and go into the area as you pleased. It’s located right next to the snack bar in the park, which I’m a big fan of in summer. Being that it’s a proper German snack bar, it has a full service grill, drink area, and bar. That’s what I call something for everyone….

For more info on the Erfahrungsfeld, click here!

8 thoughts on “Kids Get To Have All The Fun.

  1. Sounds excellent! Totally the kind of thing my two (and me & S) would enjoy. I didn't realise that southern Germany wasn't quite as keen on child nudity (or nudity in general) as the Berliners until we went to the Bodensee last year and my two were stripping off whenever they even saw a puddle. There were a few looks, but I think we were quickly dismissed as foreigners!

  2. That looks awesome! I've definitely had the same problem, only at the beach with naked kids running around. It's so awkward, because I wanted to take pics of the water, but decided to just leave the camera in my bag. Didn't wanna look like a creepo.

  3. Haha. I did see quite a lot of shoeless people in Berlin, but luckily most of them were wearing pants. And this place was definitely nudity-friendly. To the point where my repressed American self was like, “seriously, that one is way too old for this.”

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