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The other week I went out for dinner at a new place, and completely forgot to write about it…. whoops! 

I’ve written before about the quest for Mexican food, and I guess I should be honest… it’s not just Mexican food that is lacking here… it’s all spicy food. Darn you Europe and your aversion to spice! I kid, I kid.*

Luckily I seem to have met someone who is not entirely averse to spice, and after we had success at the Indian place, I wanted to try a Thai place I had heard about. She wasn’t impressed by it, but had an alternative suggestion, which is how we ended up at O’Sha Thai Restaurant for dinner. It’s located in the city center, but was down a street that I rarely go down so I’d never noticed it before. But I have to say, it was worth the trip. 

We went a bit early, so we were able to order from the ‘after-work’ menu, which is good until 6:30. This menu gets you either a spring roll or soup, plus your entree, and the prices depends on if you want chicken/duck/beef/tofu/etc. for your entree. Now, feel free to correct me on this, but in my experience, a spring roll is usually vegetarian. Not so here (or most Asian-food places I’ve tried in Europe) so if you are vegetarian, you might want to check before ordering.

My friend got Gang Panang, a Peanut coco curry with cashews, mushrooms, vegetables and lime-leaves and tofu, and that was “light spicy.” She said it was great, and it sure looked good…

I didn’t have my camera, but luckily she wanted to take pictures so she could try to convince her husband to come back with her if it was good. Smart.

I had the Gang Kiow Waan, a Green coco curry with mixed vegetables and thai basil and chicken. Mine also said “light spicy,” but the waitress warned me that mine was spicier and I said bring it on. 

It looked better from head on. Also I had to crop myself out because I looked nutty. Anyway. So it was spicier than my friend’s, but not unbearable. It was the good kind of spicy though, where it starts off not too bad but by the end of the meal I was wishing the waitress would come by so I could get another beer. 

All in all, a good meal. With the advantage of the after-work menu, I had an appetizer, meal and beer for 15€ including tip. Which is okay with me. 

Jakobstrasse 13/15
90402 Nürnberg
Tel. 0911 – 242 93 34

*Not really though.


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