Veggie Tales.

A few other people have already touched on this so far this spring, but it is important, so I will as well. 

If you are going to move to Germany, you should probably know something a little strange about the Germans. They get really, really, really excited about Spargel. What is Spargel, you might ask? Well it’s this stuff…

Yep, asparagus.

Disclaimer: My mom never cooked asparagus when we were kids. Lots of veggies of course, but never asparagus. So that’s another reason I find this all a bit strange. Now it’s one of my favorite vegetables, but I was pretty baffled by this whole asparagus mania at first. They are quite proud of it here, in particular their white asparagus, which I don’t think I ever saw before coming to Europe. I prefer the green myself, but yesterday I bought both just to mix it up a bit.  

Seriously, I have never seen a group of people get so excited about a vegetable before. It’s a little strange. Chocolate, sure. But veggies? I mean, there is a reason that the Veggie Monster rumors thing on Sesame Street caused people to go all crazy. Sorry, digression. So anyway, a few weeks ago “We have asparagus” signs started appearing all over the roadsides and farmer’s markets, and restaurants started listing their asparagus-related spring specials. 

So last week when I saw a sign advertising ‘Spargel Woche’ in the Nürnberg Handwerkerhof, I knew I would need to stop by. The Handwerkerhof is a small loop of streets at the Königstor, or King’s Gate, right across from the main railway station. There are a few “traditional” restaurants, and little shops selling craftwork, vintage items, and tourist-y things. They have special events like this all year, but I don’t think they are usually vegetable-related. 

So here’s the sign… note the white asparagus, not green.

After the zoo on Friday, we stopped by to have a look. To be honest, I was a little disappointed because I was expecting the streets to be running with asparagus and full of farmers selling their wares, but it wasn’t so. Instead it appeared that the restaurants were serving an all-Spargel menu, and there were musicians playing. I don’t know if there was anything else going on, but that’s all we saw….

 That’s about all the excitement I saw. But I did enjoy these vintage signs for sale…

Love a Trabant and old-school racist ads. Fun stuff.

If you’re looking for a good asparagus recipe, I would recommend something like this one…


I’ve made something similar to this, but using lemon pepper seasoning, and putting some cheddar cheese in the middle with the asparagus. It could be grilled or cooked in the oven… in other words, things I can’t do at the moment. But someday!

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