One Year Ago…

At this time last year I was saying goodbye to my parents, as they got on a plane on May 30th after their two-week visit. It was a short-lived goodbye though, as I got on a plane two days later for my first trip home in 2.5 years. Note that I didn’t say that we planned this well. 

Since my last few days in Prague were a harried mess of packing, cleaning, getting ripped off by our Czech landlords, and consuming mass quantities of Gambrinus and Becherovka, I never got to post about what we did. My original intention when I sat down to write this was to do a photo for each place, but given my indecisiveness, that just did not happen. So I’m sending this off on jump…. click away for pictures galore. 

First of all, check out this sweet Google map of our route…

Originally my dad didn’t want to “overplan,” but knowing his engineering tendencies and my mom’s preference for knowing where she was going to sleep/having a hotel room reserved, I opted to make a semi-logical circular route. Highlight reel!

1. Prague, CZ. Obviously. 

Viewer on the Petřín Tower
Dinner on the river.
Prague from Vyšehrad
Lennon Wall
Statues in the Kampa Museum Courtyard

Views from Prague Castle Tower
This climb is not for the faint of heart

You can tell me that Prague isn’t the most beautiful city in the world. But that doesn’t mean I’ll believe you.

2. Nürnberg, DE

We took a Deutschbahn bus from Prague to my future home. Tip: it’s about 3.5 hours and only 19€ each way if you book more than three days in advance. We were only here for a night, so not too many photos…

This is the super-convenient map the hotel gave us.

Wall in our hotel room. Note the Nürnberger Bratwurst und Lebkuchen.

3. Munich, DE

We then hopped a train to Munich. Tip: With the Bayern Ticket (or any of the regional tickets), you get unlimited travel within the region for up to five people for 29€. I think I was mad at Munich, because I didn’t take many pictures. Or I just felt like I had pictures of everything already from my previous visits so I skipped the Rathaus picture this time.

Olympic Park
Giant monument near Oktoberfest grounds.
Sorry so blurry, but best shampoo name ever?
While on this trip, my sister and I discovered the Glory that is Bernd das Brot. Click on the name to read one of my favorite Wikipedia entries ever. The description just kills me.
This was our favorite episode we saw… for some reason these videos repeated on what seemed like an endless loop, but it was still funny. In the first video he does speak a little English at the 3:30 mark, but I don’t think German language skills are necessary to appreciate the awesomeness. But his favorite word is “mist” which I would translate to “darnit” or, “crap.” Fun!
Oh, it’s funny every time. 
4. Garmisch-Partenkirchen, DE
We rented a car in Munich, and drove the rest of the trip from here. My dad’s grandfather actually came from G-P (it’s a long name, sorry), so we had to make a stop. G-P is near the bottom of the Zugspitze, aka, the highest point in Germany. And of course, there is a beer garden at the top. 

Waiting on the train to go up.
Highest church in Germany
The future!

Back in G-P.

This was my second time there, and I adore this part of Germany. I have about 234738 more pictures, so I’m sure it’ll show up here again.

Also, If you’re planning on visiting the area, I have a bitchin’ hotel recommendation, but I’m keeping it a super-secret. If you really want to know, email me. Secrets! 

5. The Disney Castle: Neuschwanstein (and it’s buddy, Hohenschwangau)

Fun story: when my parents first met, my dad had a poster of Neuschwanstein up in his apartment. Given his family background he’s always been a Germany-ophile (note how I tried not to say Germopile here), so I’m happy I was able to move to Europe indefinitely allowing him an excuse to visit.  

Spot the castle?

I ♥ pictures with viewers.

6. Berchtesgaden, DE

This little foot of Germany is gorgeous and I want to retire here and grow geraniums from every window. That is all.

Kehlsteinhaus, aka, Eagle’s Nest, aka, Hitler’s holiday getaway.
Told you.
My sister contemplating life. Or the next beer.

Back on the ground.
7. Salzburg, Austria
Salzburg is the most beautiful little city. Go.  Seriously. There are unicorns. But bring an umbrella, the weather changes freakishly fast.
Gorgeous gardens everywhere.

Hey Katie, here’s what that view looks like when you’re not in a cloud.

Possibly one of my fave photos ever.
Salzburg will definitely get it’s own proper post someday. I just have too many pictures not to do one. I also have a good hotel recommendation but again, SECRET. Email if needed.
8. Cesky Krumlov, CZ
This town is in all the guidebooks, and can be seriously over-run with tourists (and their buses), but I went both times in May and it worked out well. 

Everyone who goes to C.K. has this picture.

Tip: don’t fall in the river here. My old flatmate did (a few times, as I understand) while on a drinking/canoeing trip, and spent the following two days inches from death. The water looks clean, but steer clear.
Every hotel in Cesky Krumlov was booked or insanely expensive, so instead we stayed just up the road in Cesky Budejovice. You might know this little city as the home of Budweiser, or Budvar, the Czech beer that lost a licensing agreement with the U.S. Budweiser. Shocking, I know. So if you’ve ever seen a beer called ‘Czechvar’ for sale in your U.S. supermarket, it’s actually Czech Budvar/Budweiser.

9. Prague, again. 
Back in the Golden City for one last night. 
More beers on the river.
Whew. Get them on a plane, and let me pack!
But seriously, it was a great trip, and if anyone wants to hire me to plan them a sweet circle ‘o’ fun, my prices are reasonable. Maybe.   

8 thoughts on “One Year Ago…

  1. gorgeousss photos! im surprised that after living in germany for 6 years i hadnt been to some of those places! good thing i end up in germany every couple of months for a visit 😉

  2. Thanks! I love how many places there are to visit in Germany, so it's kind of nice to always have new options. I swear, every week my students tell me about something new that sounds super cool…. problem is I almost never remember to write them down or can't figure out how to spell it or something. I need to start a list.

  3. I love the photo of Neuschwanstein. Typically it is the same old photo from that outlook point with different skies. You're composition with the added in lock makes it really stand out!

  4. Okay, everything from Munich on down is what I plan to show my mom when she gets here in March! In, almost, that exact order! What are these secrets you speak of?! I would love your help!

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