Sunday Musings and Late Cake…

Apologies to anyone who sorely missed their Friday look at cake… I tried to get to the bakery but walked by exactly five minutes after they closed. Fail. So I had to wait until Saturday to get it and have been in hard-core procrastination mode, so here it is now!

Yes, the rhubarb trend continues with this crumble thing. This is a piece of cake for 2+ people, or if you’re on your own like myself, you have a snack for the next two days. Actually after I post this, I’m going to have another few bites. Nomnomnom.

I have to give tests in my lessons tomorrow. Technically, we were supposed to do these tests two weeks ago on Monday, in anticipation of students taking holiday over Pfingsten/Pentecost/any excuse for a damn holiday, but…. I forgot. Whoops. This was only mildly embarrassing to explain to them when we had our last class. But I don’t think any of them were too broken up about having a few more weeks to study, and only three or four will be on holiday so it was no problem to push it back. So after last week and the grueling amount of work I had to do *coughs* after Mondays holiday, and all my lessons cancelling on Thursday, I needed all four days of this weekend to get the tests written. It’s a difficult life. So I pretty much spent all weekend holed up here writing tests* and am ready to go for tomorrow.

Random Sunday thoughts….

  • Sure sign that the EuroCup is approaching…. a couple spotted in Nürnberg today…. the gentleman was wearing an orange shirt, orange shorts, and orange shoes. His lady was wearing orange and white striped knee socks, and had a jaunty orange scarf. Any guesses where they were from?
  • One of my students dropped the “Willam Dafoe”  parrot impersonation on me. Don’t know what that is? Watch. Bonus: this is the dubbed German version so you can practice your mad language skills with me. 
  • Speaking of mad language skills, I have a new favorite German word. Ritterlichkeit. This one came up during a conversation about the behavior of superheroes, and it means chivalry. Why do I find this great? Because Ritter means ‘knight,’ so you get to describe someone as knightly. Lovely!
  • The strawberries here right now are aaaaaaamazing. And sometimes freakishly-sized….

Holy balls of enormous strawberry!
  • I learned that my students think that the only acceptable reason for a person to miss a job interview is if their train hits a sheep. Also, the only acceptable reason for a person to move back in with their mother is if they don’t realize their cat died while hidden somewhere in their apartment for over a month and they can’t get rid of the smell. And after that, there was a lengthy story about the merits of being a piano-playing street musician, and whether or not that career choice would support a wife and family. Moral of this story: modal verb games are dangerous. 
  • If anyone is planning on coming this way, the hippest place to party in Nürnberg is right outside my house. More details to come….
  • I ran out of staples today. This is a tragedy, as European staples don’t quite fit in my awesome Swingline stapler, and tend to bind it up. CRISIS. I can’t get a new stapler for the following reasons: 1) it’s a Swingline, and if you don’t know why that’s awesome, I suggest you go and watch ‘Officespace.’ Now. 2) It’s the perfect size for me to carry around in my bag. My students always look at me like I’m sort of wizard when I pull it out. Or they look at me like a crazy person who carries around a tiny stapler with them. It’s probably the latter.

Practically perfect in every way.
  • One of the breweries has rolled out possibly one of the most disturbing and (I hope) unintentional cross-over ad campaigns I’ve seen recently. Will hopefully remember my camera tomorrow so I can show you what the hell I’m talking about. It’s scary. 
  • The weather has been super up-and-down the last few days so I haven’t even been able to enjoy my balcony properly. Uncool.
  • And lastly, a big RIP to my three-day weekends. When I started working here, I only worked Tuesday-Thursday. That lasted the first five months or so and it was as awesome as it sounds. Then in November I picked up classes on Mondays, but was okay with it as I still had three-day weekends. On Friday, my bosses cornered me and “offered me” new classes – or as I prefer to say – informed me that I would be picking up some Friday classes starting in a few weeks. After this May and the absurd amount of holidays, it will be nice to make up for that, but…. booooooooo. At least it sounds like it will only be two lessons and I should be done by 1p.m. But still. Boooooo. Where was this in winter? Darnit. I better enjoy the rest of June while I can….

*writing tests, watching movies and an entire season of Community.   

4 thoughts on “Sunday Musings and Late Cake…

  1. Oh my gosh, I am going to miss cake SO MUCH.
    And boo for losing your three day weekends, but at least it means mo' money?
    Ugh, the weather! Kill me now, please.

  2. 1) I guess that leaves you with no choice but to become an expert German-cake-specific baker in your “spare time” once you're back home. You have spare time in grad school, right?
    2) Agreed. Boooooooo. And as Biggie taught us, mo'money, mo'problems.
    3) The sun left and I do not appreciate it. But at least it was nice out while I still had 3-day weekends. Silver lining. Or something.

  3. I love HIMYM. I've been enjoying listening to the voice dubs- they have really good matches on that one. I saw the dub of Community, and I'm really impressed with the German voice actor who does the Abed part, too.

    On the subject of staplers; I have a vintage black metal Swingline in my desk. I've had the thing for more than twenty years. It's not plastic, and I could probably disarm a mugger with it in a pinch. I didn't know the staple size is different here; that's troubling.

    Hmm… this post made me curious about the ancestry of my stapler, and it turns out they still sell my model and it's not even that expensive. I wonder if they're still all metal like mine…

  4. Ooooh, I haven't seen Community yet. I'm just getting caught up on this season now, so I'll look for that on my TV!

    Swinglines are the best. No doubt. My only real question is: do you carry it around with you in anticipation of possible mugger attacks??

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