This Post Is Not For The Faint Of Heart….

In my musings yesterday, I mentioned seeing a particularly disturbing and (hopefully) unintentional cross-over ad campaign running around Nürnberg at the moment. The good news is that you are in luck, and I remembered my camera when I went to the city this evening and now I can share the glory with you all. 

But be warned: as the title says, this post is not for the faint of heart. So if you want your childhood imagination to remain pure and untainted, don’t continue reading. But if you’re prepared for the repercussions…. click on…..


Granted, it has been a few years since I read “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,” but I remember the following things being mentioned:

1) skin as white as snow
2) hair as black as night, or ebony, or something similar
3) lips as red as roses

I do not – I repeat – I DO NOT remember ANYTHING about a freakishly sized and shaped chest area. And are those dwarves not the creepiest things you’ve ever seen?? 

It is about 1.2 kilometers (.75 miles for you Americans) from my house to the train station. I walk that at least twice a day, at least four days a week. This billboard appears THREE TIMES between my house and the station. Does that seem excessive to anyone else? That means that I will see this at least 24 times a week. Holy Büsten overkill.

Now I just did a little looking into this, and it turns out that Veldensteiner Bier has been running this ad campaign since 2009, and it features the art of an Austrian guy named Bruno Haberzettl. Each year they have displayed three of his illustrations, and I am so, so, so hoping that they did NOT plan on having the timing of this ad coincide with the OTHER Snow White posters that are slapped all over town right now. In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a movie out now called “Snow White and the Huntsman,” and so Kristen Stewart and her dead eyes are on every bus stop at the moment. So I’m really hoping this is a coincidence. Otherwise that’s super-creepy of Veldensteiner.

I quite liked the previous ad that was up a few weeks ago….

Sorry about the crappy quality… they’ll only let you download a pdf. Lame. But you can check out the rest of the series here. The others are pretty funny, and not nearly as creepy as Snow White. I hope. 

6 thoughts on “This Post Is Not For The Faint Of Heart….

  1. there's a movie out now called “Snow White and the Huntsman,” and so Kristen Stewart and her dead eyes are on every bus stop at the moment.

    …when I got to “and her dead eyes,” I laughed out loud.

  2. Thanks. 🙂

    I'm happy to see from the previews that she's actually playing a role that doesn't involve a sparkly dude lurking outside her window protecting her, but girl cannot emote. Sword or no sword. I thought the ability to express emotion was important in an actor, but I guess I was wrong. I also thought the ability to write a compelling story in an intelligent, interesting, and exciting manner was important to get a book published, but Twilight proved me wrong on that too. Thwarted.

  3. lol, I saw 'Snow White and Huntsman' and Kristen Stewart was the grungiest, mouth breathing Snow White ever. If it wasn't for her it probably would have been a pretty good movie 🙂

    And I agree, that ad is gross. I'm trying to imagine how I'd explain that to a child. It's creepy.

  4. Oh gross. Nothing worse than a mouth-breather. Creepy creepy creepy. I was pretty excited for that movie until I found out she was in it. Now I'll just look for it on the interwebz.

    Just think, something you have to look forward to in the future. 🙂

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