Today I felt a bit of guilt at being an expat. This was a result of my own lack of responsibility, so no-one to blame but myself. I’m going to get political, but only for a second, I swear.

In my home state of Wisconsin, today was the recall election for our Republican governor, Scott Walker. Obviously the fact that he’s up for recall shows that he has made some decisions that have been massively unpopular, and have done a lot more harm than good. At least as far as I can tell. If you don’t know what’s been going on, there are more than enough articles and news reports just a Google search away. But I’ll share this article that lays all of it out there. At length…

New York Times: How Did Wisconsin Become the Most Politically Divisive Place in America? 

And here are some clips from the Daily Show…

Yep, Wisconsinites… just like Tunisians, et al. I also recommend all the “related videos” on the side. Angry curds, indeed.

That fact is: the man did exactly what he said he was going to do. Let’s all hope that this teaches people to pay attention the first time.

Unfortunately, I did not get my request for an absentee ballot in on time, so I was unable to vote in today’s election.  So be warned: if you are an expat, and plan on voting in November,  make sure you get over to  and make sure you get your ducks in a row in time.

So that’s where the guilt comes from for me today. It pains me to see a state that I love in such a mess. I’ll leave you with some of my favorite things about Wisco and this thought.

Our state motto is “Forward,” and I hope that people remembered that today when they went to the polls.

Like cheese? We got ya.
Downtown Milwaukee.
Like cheese dipped in batter and deep fried? Hello Cheese Curds.
Still-charming small towns….
Delicious brews…
Art… like the Calatrava Wing at the Milwaukee Art Museum
Critters of all kinds….
…and of course, The Pack.


8 thoughts on “Forward?

  1. Interesting to hear more about Wisconsin. I don't actually know how I got to your blog but it surprised me that you were talking about the DailyShow that I just watched moments ago.

  2. Cheese curds are insane. The last few times I visited home I managed to hit Culver's at least 3-4 times. Might explain the weight gain…. damn them for being so good!

  3. I actually just sent in the form for my absentee ballot about two weekends ago. I'm not sure whether I should send a follow up e-mail to ask if they got the dang form; I didn't get so much as an autoresponder. Harumph.

  4. Might not be a bad idea. You got to email yours in? I'm pretty sure I have to use snail mail. Might as well send it by carrier pigeon or pony express…

  5. Haha. I'm jealous. My French student got to vote on-line in their election a few weeks ago. And I mean, if the French can figure it out… surely we can too! 😉

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