Süsser Freitag

I went with strawberry Sahnetorte today. It is all kinds of humid here, so something light and fruity was just the ticket. 

Other things…

  • Yeah, that election I posted about on Tuesday? Walker survived the recall. The people have spoken, and that’s all I’m going to say about it because I’m still pissed. You hear that Wisconsin?! I’m mad at you!
  • I had American-style pancakes for breakfast this morning, and they were actually passable. So if anyone is craving a pancake, try the breakfast menu at Bar California here in Nürnberg. Just make sure you ask for the blueberries if you want them. 
  • Poland just scored the first goal of the Eurocup. Considering the game is in Poland, that’s nice for them. Germany plays their first game against Portugal tomorrow and the stores were already frantically stocking the beer shelves this morning. Preparation, yo. 
  • Speaking of Eurocup, the opening ceremony was weird. Look for it on YouTube. And the fans were amazingly chill before the match. Everyone was in their seats when I turned the TV on (about 20 minutes to kick-off), and just waiting. No dancing to the music in the stadium, no singing, just taking pictures with camera phones and waiting. They must have been saving their energy, because the Polish fans are going ape-shit right now. 
  • It looks like I’m going to London for a few days in September… does anyone have tips on where to stay and what to do?
  • And lastly, my lavender is blooming… so look how pretty it is!

    9 thoughts on “Süsser Freitag

    1. Oooh I love London! Drink some cider for me! It was the best stuff ever and I haven't been able to find it in Germany. Besides seeing the major tourist attractions I spent a lot of time shopping and hanging out around Oxford Circus. If you have time, Camden is worth seeing. There is a great market there in the stables that's really cool. Have fun 🙂

    2. Re: London; I'm actually going to be there for about five or six days in July, and I'm doing the same sorts of travel planning myself. If you like, I can share my Google Doc with you- I'm sort of a list-making nerd when it comes to planning trips, and I have a system that's worked very well for me in planning what to see and do during my travels over the last few years.

      @Wiffy- find your local Irish pub- there are two here in Regensburg, and Strongbow cider is plentiful. 😀

    3. @Wiffy: Markets are always good in my book. Hopefully we'll nail down where we're staying soon so I can have a look at what's good in the area. And I second what Steven said, look for an Irish pub. Ours here has Strongbow, Bulmer's and Magner's cider. Delish.

      @Steven: That would be great, thanks! I usually try to make some sort of a plan, so I think my friend and I will have to hash out what is on the “must see” list.

    4. Ooops, forgot to add a “Well played” on pulling out a seriously random reference. Those were the exact same hats, minus the ribbons, were they not?

    5. I think the rock and roll tour goes by Abbey Road- I'm definitely going to be doing a proper city tour at some point, but I haven't had time to sift through them. I've been burned by bad tours before, winding up in a tour that had a stop at a diamond factory because they wanted you to buy something. Ugh. Never again.

    6. Aha, good to know! I just had a look at Sandeman's (http://www.neweuropetours.eu/) and they do a free tour in London. I'm a big fan of free. Plus I did their tour in Munich and it was quite good. I also used to see them all the time in Prague and sneak listens on what they were saying and they seemed pretty good too. So if you want to save some pounds for pints, check them out. 🙂 Of course, they take tips and try to talk you into their paid tours, but I'm willing to listen to a 5-minute spiel for a 3-hour free tour.

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