Süsser Samstag

Apologies, I’ve been a very lazy blog person this week. In my defense, this was the first week I’ve had all my classes in… a while. Give or take six weeks I’d say. But it’s short-lived, as another group goes on holiday next week. But then I’m adding two new classes on Friday. Where were these people in winter? Again, RIP Fridays off. 

So work was busy, life was busy, all that good stuff, but I still managed to sneak in some cake on Friday. I worked hard for this one, if you considering speed-walking across the city to make it to the bakery before 6p.m. to be working hard. Which I do. Anyway.

Oh, tiramisu, you are delicious. Although now that I’ve had tiramisu in Italy, it’s just not the same. This was great, but it wasn’t the bowl of pudding-y, cake-y, awesome-ness that you can get in Italy. But as I’m in Germany, I’ll have to live with it. It’s a rough life here.

In other news, I finally decided to join the rest of the world and get a new toy…. check out my upgrade…

Note the tape holding the screen on the old phone. (And to be clear, I got it that way. Conversely, my old Razr from the U.S. is still in pristine condition, but I can’t get a SIM card for it here.) That thing was from the bowels of hell and I cannot wait to throw it back into the pit of Mount Doom from whence it came. So this week has been a whole lot of me fartin’ around with the new phone and trying to figure out how the hell to use it. This also means I’m committed to Germany (or at least to T-Mobile) for 24 months now. When I broke the news to some of my students they told that it was okay with them. It was cute.  

Lastly the weather finally decided to take an upswing, so I spent the majority of the afternoon on the balcony enjoying the glory. ‘Bout time, summer!


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