Fun Mit the New Toy + Cover Monday

Alright, I know I’m about a thousand years late to the party on this one, but how fun is Instagram? It hits all my requirements: pictures, retro effects, and minimal effort. Boom. Now if anyone can tell me how to zoom with it, or any other helpful tricks, by all means do so. I fully intend on using it so much that the hipsters deem it ‘uncool’ (if that hasn’t already happened, that is). Until then though, I present to you Week One of the Magical iPhone via Instagram… 
Last Tuesday….
Very early morning view…
A gray day in Nürnberg, but playing around anyway.
Late night in the Altstadt
Very late night tunnels….


Have I mentioned that I love my balcony flowers?
Because I do.


More playing around…
Sommer in der City, Insel Schütt, Nürnberg


Crazy clouds as per usual.

Today (guess I got distracted on Sunday)…

The view on my post-class Monday walk…
…through the teeny-tiny town.
There are pretty gardens…
…and old houses….
…even some with my beloved Fachwerk.
So that was my first week in Instagram. If you want to ‘follow’ me there on my quest to ruin it for hipsters, I’m @heatherinde.
One last (totally unrelated thing)…
I knew it was going to be a good day when I heard this in the car this morning….
The fellow teacher I travel with on Mondays totally DID NOT appreciate this song, and said it sounded like something you’d hear in a bad teen movie. This may be true, but I had to jump to its defense. Mostly because 1) I looooove The Ataris, and will stay true to my youthful punk-pop love affair, 2) the Don Henley original is awesome and one of the earliest songs I remember hearing when I was a kid, and 3) this cover is one of my all-time favorites. It is fantastic. So I deemed it Cover Monday, and here’s another one of my current favorite covers… enjoy.
I’m not even familiar with the original, but this is badass. Love it. 

9 thoughts on “Fun Mit the New Toy + Cover Monday

  1. isn't instagram great?! I'm sort of addicted to it! Also, all your pics made me miss Fanken so much!! it's such a fantastic/beautiful area of Germany to live in!

  2. It is ridiculously fun… I fear an addiction as well. I'm a big fan of Franken, but it got SO HOT this week. They need a happier weather medium down here.

  3. It did. It's so fun!

    Well I'm coming to you if I have any requests. I had a ton of covers on my old computer and that is pooooossibly being fixed as I type here. Fingers crossed!

  4. Feel free! I am happy to share. I periodically make a mix cd called “Cover Jam” for my friends (although in these future times, it has evolved into an mp3 play list).

    Hmm… I'll e-mail you off of this comment about that; I think you'll get a kick out of the last one.

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