A 3/4 Public Viewing….

Friday night was the Germany-Greece semifinal for the EuroCup (henceforth referred to as EM, or Europameisterschaft, but that’s just indecently long). There was a bit of “added tension” to the game, due to the current EU situation, so there were quite a few inappropriate jokes being made this week. Certainly not by any of my students. *cough* Okay, maybe there were a few. 

This was also an interesting occasion for me, as this was the first time I attempted to venture into public to watch one of these games. I met with a friend (and her sig. other), and we would up watching the game in a smaller park here in Nürnberg. This was probably a much more relaxed viewing than the 30,000 people that I hear show up for the viewings in the Wöhrder Wiese. But given my love of having someone bring me beer, having a (very overworked) waitress was perfectly fine with me. The only downfall was the setup, which wasn’t ideal for the number of people who crowded around this small park cafe for the game. They had a projector screen but I ended up with about a 3/4 view due to a large post right in the way. Luckily the Germans worked with me and stayed on the right side of the screen for most of the game. Danke schön, guys. 

Thumbs up for beer.
Small crowd shot.

After Germany was done running circles around the Greeks, (really, that penalty goal Greece got was totally throwing them a bone), I headed off home. This provided some quality entertainment. A 10-minute wait for the tram meant 10 minutes of constant honking as cars whizzed past me, and 10 minutes of people hanging out of windows, sunroofs, etc. while doing a whole lot of “wooooooing.” I enjoyed it immensely. 

I tried to take some pictures/sound recordings of the shenanigans, but as I’m still working out the whole iPhone thing, they didn’t come out great. But here are some pictures, apologies for the tram reflection….

Yes, that is a child riding out the sunroof of that car.
Walking down the middle of the street at Plärrer.

More shenanigans at Plärrer.
More flags…
Observing the chaos. People were banging on the tram as it went by.

It was pretty nutty, but good fun to see. I predict complete mayhem at the next match…




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