Photo A Day July

Now that I have a handy-dandy smartphone, I decided it was time for me to get on one of these “Photo A Day” bandwagons. Lucky for me, this morning I followed a little blog chain over to Fat Mum Slim, who just so happened to have a nice one set up for July. If anyone else wants to get in on this, here are the challenges…

Via Fat Mum Slim

Since I didn’t see this until this morning though, I got a slightly late start to the challenge. But, I guess it wouldn’t be normal for me if I wasn’t just a little bit on the late side. It’s part of the charm. *coughs*

I think I’ll do a recap here at the end of each week, but here’s the starting ‘self portrait.’ 

Via Instagram… follow along @heatherinde

This is my typical Monday afternoon post…. waiting on a train and if I’m lucky, watching the construction at the Erlangen train station. Party over here!

4 thoughts on “Photo A Day July

  1. Thanks so much for the sunshine! It's very needed here. German “summer” is making me crazy. 🙂 \

    Re: the hair. Have you tried this stuff….

    I started using it a few years ago and it makes a HUGE difference. I use the leave in conditioner and the anGEL. Love it. I ran out of the leave in conditioner two days ago and now I'm panicking. I have to try and find something similar here and that seems like a daunting task. Eek.

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