Back to Blonde…

Yesterday was very notable. For the first time in my three-and-a-half years as an expat, I finally dared to get a haircut outside of the U.S. That is, a haircut by an actual professional, and not by my old roommate using safety scissors in our Prague apartment.

I did get a haircut when I went home, but when that happened last June, I hadn’t gotten it properly cut since before I left in December 2008. Now, you might be asking how a person can possibly go that long without a haircut. You can’t. Don’t. It was so straggly it was not even funny. So don’t do that. But I was terrified to get a haircut in Prague, so I avoided it like the plague. Why scared? Well…. go to Prague sometime. Spend the day counting how many mullets and/or people with purple/red hair you see. I wasn’t about to risk it. 

On the whole, I see a lot less scary hair here in Germany, so when a friend recommended a stylist she had just tried here in Nürnberg, I decided to go for it. The hair had been getting a little out of hand for the last few weeks, and I was dying to be blonde again. I just feel better blonde. Don’t judge me. So how did it go? 

…and after.
I’m pretty happy with the results… so that’s positive. It was in dire need of a reshaping and trim. The humidity yesterday made it particularly nutty so it was a mess by the time I got to the salon. So I would recommend this stylist… she was very nice and only slightly nervous about speaking English. Unfortunately my German is decidedly not good enough for a task like this, but we were able to work everything out well. 
Another reason to recommend her is the location. She happens to have her salon on my favorite street in the city, and the house is probably the prettiest one there. 
Nummer 8.

Not a very good picture as this was on a very bright day last fall, but the painting and the gold on this building is lovely. So if you’re in Nürnberg and needing a haircut in a picturesque location, stop by and check her out. She seemed pretty busy though, so I would recommend an appointment for sure. 


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