Photo A Day July: Week Two Recap…

First of all, I’d just like to say how happy I am to NOT be writing tests right now. In true procrastinator fashion, I put off doing tests until the last minute yet again. As a result, I spent about seven hours yesterday writing six different tests for ten of my classes. Thank Gott that some of them are working from the same books, and are in close enough spots that I could double up. As it was, I seriously considered throwing myself off the balcony. If my boss calls me Monday and says that they suck, I’m just going to tell the school that we did tests and skip them all together. I’m pretty sure I was more upset about having to do tests than the students are. They have to take one, whereas I have to write (at least) six, and then grade about 35. Uuuuuuuuuuuuugh. That’s all I have to say about that. Moving on!

This week in the photo a day challenge posed some toughies… 

Day 8: lunch.

I’m a big fan of breakfast, but I’m not a fan of waking up early enough for breakfast at a normal time. Plus I have been attempting (key word) to exercise when I get up, so breakfast is usually around noon. 

Day 9: big.

A very common sight in villages here are these enormous and perfectly stacked piles of wood. This is less than half of the full stack. Now the real question: do the homeowners stack it themselves, or is there a professional wood-stacker running around somewhere?? Given that this is Germany and they have a penchant for oddly specific careers, I’m guessing there is.

Day 10: your favorite color.

This may or may not depend on the day, but in summer I do love all the green.

Day 11: letter.

One of the interesting things about Germany is that all the license plates start with the letter of the city. Large cities get one letter, mid-sized cities two, and smaller towns/villages/etc. have three. It’s like, just the right amount of voyeurism. Sorry if that’s weird.

Day 12: texture.

This goes against my formal photography training (actually being serious on this one), because anything texture-based is better in black and white, but I just liked the color here. Take that Steve from the UWEC art department! I rebel against your nonsense.

Day 13: open.

A freshly-opened Orangina was the perfect accompaniment to my Galette at lunch on Friday. Orangina is one of those odd things I buy whenever I can get my hands on it. 

Day 14: building.

Nürnberg has a few neighborhoods with really fun architecture. Since I don’t get to see buildings like this every day anymore, it makes them pop even more when I do. 

I’ve gotta say, this photo-a-day thing is kind of fun. I know some people do them every month, but I don’t have that kind of ability to commit. But it might be a once in a while thing… we shall see.

4 thoughts on “Photo A Day July: Week Two Recap…

  1. glad to see that awesome building made the cut! Fun fact about license plates: did you know that the letters also designate the historical Hanseatic towns too? That's why Hamburg (a big city) has double letters- the first H designates Hansastadt.

    S is a huge license plate nerd so whenever we're anywhere I know I can ask him and he'll be able to tell me exxactly where the people came from.

  2. On the license plate tip, Mrs. 1976 and I are fascinated by them. There's a crappy little app you can get for free called Kennzeichen to satisfy your curiosity. We're seeing tons of unusual (by our standards) ones up here. Greetings from AUR!

  3. Thank you for showing it to me! This was the first day I had to cheat because I only ventured to the grocery store today as I was shackled here to the afore-mentioned tests. And neither my building nor the Rewe are all that interesting looking.

    And thanks for the fun fact! I did not know that… and I haven't been to Hamburg yet to notice their plates. I will check that out when I get there!

  4. I am downloading the crappy little app as I type! That is kind of an amazing idea… and glad that I'm not the only one that finds these bizarrely interesting. Hope you guys are enjoying your northern sojourn!

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