Christmas In July!

25.7.2012: Edited to add…
So I kind of did this wrong and posted this earlier than the official link-up, but that completely follows two of my personal traditions:
1) only reading half of the directions for things 
2) snooping around for presents before Christmas.

Whoops. Anyway… Christmas in July!


A while back I saw a post on Alyx’s blog about a super-cute idea for a Christmas in July blogger exchange. I’ve never really participated in any of these sort of things before but I figured, “hey, why not?” Because as I’ve said before… packages are one of the most glorious things in an expats life. So I was super-excited to shop when I got the news that I was paired up with Malo who writes over at Life feels good in Portbail Beach

Side note: this is apparently like, vive la France! week or something. Which I guess is fitting since it was Bastille Day/French National Day when this arrived.

Anyway. So Saturday morning I had one foot in the shower when my doorbell buzzed, so let’s hear it for fortuitous timing! Nothing says luck like snagging a package on the first delivery and saving yourself a trip to the post office. 

When I popped open the box, here is what I found, along with a very nice note from Malo…

Okay, for starters, I so do ♥ Normandie! I was there in 2001 and that feels like a thousand years ago. I can’t wait to get back there. Secondly, caramels are one of my very favorite treats. When I worked at the museum at home, we sold these aaaaahmazing homemade caramels in the store. And these totally rival those ones. PLUS they come in an adorable package. I have the distinct feeling that it will take excessive self-restraint not to eat these all in the next two days. 

Speaking of the museum, there was something else familiar in here. See that be-cowed cylinder on the right? That’s a ‘mooing’ sound box, aaaaand we sold those at the museum too. School kids went crazy for them to the point where some teachers would not allow their kids to buy them. So imagine my surprise when I open a box from France and find that! Too funny. If the next package I receive contains a covered wagon pencil sharpener… I’ll start to get freaked out.

So a big thanks to Malo for the lovely goodies! I can’t wait to go on vacation so I can make notes in the lovely Parisien (sp?) notebook. 🙂 Just don’t ask me how long those caramels last… I swear I can hear them calling me now….


15 thoughts on “Christmas In July!

  1. What great gifts Malo sent your way! She's got a great eye for kitch, especially that little cow noise maker thingy. I like to do the running man while shaking it. I highly recommend it for a good laugh! : )

  2. Thanks again Malo! I might have to use it to confuse my students or something in the near future…. 🙂 Hope your box arrives soon and in one piece! 😉

  3. Funny you should say kitsch…. For this exchange you had to supply your partner with a list of 'likes,' and I specifically put down “anything regionally kitschy.” Haha. Can't say that I've ever tried doing a running man with a cow, but I can certainly give it a shot!

    And no prob… I like comments whether they're duplicate or not. 🙂

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