Photo A Day July: Week Three Recap….

Just got back from Prague, and here come the pictures from Photo a Day, week three!

Day 15: finger. 

I wear this ring every day. I feel completely lost if I forget this or my watch, which is why I always keep them together when I take them off.

Day 16: sign.        
Possibly the most common sign in Germany. Or at least around this neighborhood.

Day 17: your addiction.
Jewelry of any kind. Cheap, expensive, with deer on it, I love it all.

Day 18: plate. Really? Ok, really.

I got these sweet espresso saucers (and matching cups of course) at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. I think I’ll have to wait a few years until I can afford the sweet espresso machine to go with them though…. Baby steps.

Day 19: animal/insect/pet. 
Somehow I didn’t see a single real-life animal today…. no-one was even walking a dog on my way home from work. So I had to settle for this slightly-bizarre poster featuring Dürer’s famous rabbit in a bit of a compromising position.

Day 20: eyes.

Self-explatory. I think.

Day 21: 9 o’clock.
At exactly 9 o’clock I was holding on for dear life as we careened up the backside of Petrin Hill in a van. So this is shortly after nine. I was with those gentlemen in the picture, and you’ll find out what we were doing sometime this week!

4 thoughts on “Photo A Day July: Week Three Recap….

  1. I love this photo a day idea! How fun! I'd have the same reaction to “Day 18: Plate” but you managed to make it cute and artistic! I really like those saucers. The colors are so bold.

    By the way, you have very pretty eye(s). I'm assuming the other one looks the same. : )

  2. Thanks Mademoiselle! It is a fun idea but the plate thing is… yeah. haha. Full discretion: the plates might have been slightly color-enhanced with Instagram. They are totally adorable though. 🙂

    And I hope they look reasonably similar… so thanks. 🙂

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