Announcements! Fame-whoring! Fun!

I guess that shouldn’t be plural. Mostly it’s just one announcement. But it’s ridiculous so I’m just going to go ahead and leave it as a plural. 

I just spent the last six hours sitting here writing up the last two weeks worth of lesson plans, plus ten progress reports on my classes. Have I expressed my hatred for annoying paperwork recently? No? Well… I hate it. HOWEVER. I have discovered that a 4-pack of pre-mixed Caipirinhas makes the whole process slightly less painful. Gah. Paperwork. 


I promised myself that I’d finish them since we have a meeting tomorrow evening and I’m busy all tomorrow afternoon. So it had to be done. 

But more importantly… I wanted to tell you (the six legit people and 29012 Russian spambot hits I get a day), why I was in Prague last week. Which, if you recall, I had tried to taunt you with a few days ago. You ready for this?? Then click away….. there are pictures!

You also might recall that last week I mentioned that I hate being the center of attention, but some things were coming up that would make this sound absolutely absurd.


I’m going to be on TV.

A few months ago I got an email that I was pretty sure was actually spam. But after a little light afternoon Googling, I figured out that it was legitimate, and it was in fact, a producer from ‘House Hunters International.‘ I wrote her back, we spoke on the phone, and the next step was to send in an “audition video.” 

This step gave me a bit of pause. Like most of my generation, I loved the Real World, and when I was younger I thought it would be super-fun to be on there. But, the old Real World. The ones when they had jobs and were actually productive members of society (relatively speaking). Back in the days before they just drank a lot and tried to fuck as many people as possible. Sorry about the language… buuuuut it’s true. 

Now of course, HGTV is not MTV, and I’m sure the experiences are completely different. But I still wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to throw myself into that whole arena. But I was swayed by…. pretty much everyone I know. As soon as I mentioned that I’d spoken to a producer, the usual reaction was “ohmygod I looooove that show! You have to do it! zzzzzzzzoooooomg!” etc. I had no idea that so many people watched this show. I knew my mom loves it, but apparently everyone in America is on board the HH train. 

So I made myself a little video, in which I’m pretty sure I looked/talked like a crazy person, but I guess it was good enough for the Powers That Be at a Network. Despite my protestations that my place here is not that amazing – I mean, I like it, but I’ve seen some crazy houses on that show – they still wanted to shoot it. I think the fact that it’s just me and I moved abroad for myself, not because my company asked me to, had something to do with it. A bit of a different angle, at least from what I’ve seen on the show. After a few weeks of organizing, reorganizing, and moving dates and times around, things were settled. I’d shoot my backstory in Prague in July, and my best friend Courtney would join me in Germany at the end of August to be my co-contributor, and help me on my house hunt here. Yay!

Usually the ‘contributor’ shoots their ‘before’ segment in their home country, but since I moved to Germany from Prague, we opted to shoot my before segment there. So last weekend I headed back east, and got to experience possibly the weirdest weekend of my life.

Honestly though, it was so much fun. The crew that I was working with were FANTASTIC, and as soon as I got back to the hotel on Saturday, I emailed the producer to request them again in Nürnberg. You don’t always get the same crew, due to massively complicated logistics, but I’m pulling for them to come here. We spent all of Saturday running around Prague in the not-quite-raining-drizzle, and shooting an assortment of scenes for my backstory. I don’t want to give everything away, but here’s a little sneak-peek. All photos courtesy of the iPhone, so sorry if the quality is kinda… meh.

Near Strahov Stadium
Setting up for the interview

Directly after I took this picture, problems were found with the camera. Technology! Thirty minutes and a trip to the Apotheke later, we were ready to roll again.

Backdrop for the interview

When I spoke to the producer about reading books on Petrin Hill, I had something like this….

 … in mind. For my money, the view from halfway up Petrin Hill with a good book is the best view in Prague. However, I didn’t count on the fact that it’s pretty much impossible to get to that view with a van full of equipment. So we improvised with the Strahov Stadium location. Hopefully it looks okay. And hopefully there is no blooper reel on the show, because I definitely couldn’t spell my own name in the very first question they asked me. And there go the nerves! But after that it was (I hope) smooth sailing, and (I hope) my ramblings were semi-coherent.

Then it was off to…

Cafe Savoy

Unfortunately it was too loud to film inside the cafe (Plan A), so we regrouped. But we still got to have a coffee inside… I recommend going there. It’s lovely. So if you’re in Prague and feelin’ fancy, head on over.

Slightly Instagrammed Cafe Savoy
Plan B. Setting up on the river.

My students and I.
The director wanted me to sit on the baby and read. I hope he was kidding.
Priority 1: Getting the penguins on the show.


Me and my favorite part of Praha.

Charles Bridge Challenge: Try to get a shot without 1209129012 tourists.

Doing some shopping. Not for hams.

The crew may or may not have made me drink in here.

Getting the Prague money shot.

Soooo… that’s about it for the sneak peek portion of the day. It was a really interesting day, and I’m still kind of in amazement that this actually happened. It’s not something that I EVER pictured myself doing, but it was so much fun. We’re shooting the rest after my vacation in August, and I’m really looking forward to it.


6 thoughts on “Announcements! Fame-whoring! Fun!

  1. Thanks all! There is usually about 3-4 months between filming and airing, so I'll update you later with when it'll be on. And sure you can Steven. Where there's a will, there's an streaming site with disturbing pop-up ads. 😉

  2. Where there's a will, there's a way. Which reminds me, I have to install the Slingbox on the new computer before football season gets started here…

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