Vacation, all I ever wanted…

Bonus points if you can tell me which song that title comes from.

I’ve been seriously slacking off on the cake posts, so sorry about Friday. I’ll try and do better this week. Friday was a little nutty though, as I had to meet a friend for lunch, go book our trip to London, then go to a work meeting, which turned into going out with some of the other teachers… which was fun but noooot what I was planning on doing for the evening.

Things I planned on:

  • a beer or two after the meeting (we usually go all together to a cafe/beer garden, and our bosses buy the first two rounds)
  • coming home and eating an actual meal
  • laying on the couch 
  • going to bed early so I could be productive on Saturday as my house was a disaster area

Things I didn’t plan on:

  • two beers after the meeting and…. many at the bar
  • tequila shots
  • spending a very long time standing slack-jawed in front of a TV watching the Olympic opening ceremonies with a particularly snarky group of folk, saying things like: “What the hell?”; “Why are they trampling on Hobbiton?”; “Leave hobbit hill alone Goddammit!”; “Holy shit it’s Isengard! or shit from Pink Floyd’s The Wall! I can’t decide!”; “The queen needs a better bra.”; “Seriously, she’s the queen… can’t someone get her chest to lift and separate?”; and “Of course James Bond is dropping out a helicopter right now! Why not?”
  • walking all the way across the city because the U-Bahn had stopped and I believe that walking is always faster than night transportation
  • feeling like death warmed over on Saturday
  • being unable to accomplish anything but go to the supermarket (fridge was empty), and go get hangover McDonald’s 

The good news is that I did get some cleaning done. On Sunday. Saturday was just all kinds of useless.

I’ve been trying to formulate another post about last weekend in Prague. I have notes in the phone, but pretty much writing anything is difficult right now. It’s coming though. At some point. 

Myself and another teacher found out at the meeting on Friday that our Monday lessons in Erlangen are cancelled for the whole month of August. Not a huge deal for me, as I was already off for the last three weeks, but was kind of planning on having that (about) 350€ in September. And neither of us really understand why the lessons are cancelled for the month. Most of our students are off either at the end of August, or in September, so why cancel the whole month? Who knows. So part of me is annoyed at losing money, but a very large part of me is going, “Meh, oh well. Sleeping in on Mondays again! Wahoo!”   

Which brings me to the next point. I don’t know if I’ve been iron or protein or something deficient lately, but I am so dead it’s not even funny. I cannot wait to lay on the beach in 15 days. I don’t want to drink, I don’t want to party, I don’t want to sight-see, I just want to lay. If someone can poke me every hour or so to turn over, that will really suffice. My goal is to be almost black by the time I get back. I want to give the editing monkeys at House Hunters International a good challenge by being a completely different color for my ‘before’ and ‘hunting’ scenes.* 

Of course, knowing myself I will be bored after two days, but for now, that’s really all I want to do. I realize that at this point I’m pretty spoiled by my schedule, but it is beyond me how anyone works 40 hours a week. This means I can never return to the U.S. Whoops.

T-minus 15 days until Santorini, Greece!! Via…

*Yes, this could backfire in a horrid way. I’m aware.


7 thoughts on “Vacation, all I ever wanted…

  1. oh wow! Did I miss this post? You're doing house hunters international? I so wanted to do it, but Stevie wouldn't let me! Can't wait to watch yours – especially when they baste you in gravy for your before shots! Ha, ha, ha!

  2. Yep, it's happening. I posted about it a few days ago for the first time so just go down a couple. Too bad you weren't able to do it… I guess that's the advantage to being single…. No one to say 'no'. 🙂

  3. Now I can't stop thinking about the song title. There's a lot of songs that are either titled “All I Ever Wanted,” or have that somewhere in the lyrics. The real question is… are you more likely to be into Kelly Clarkson or Basshunter?

    I've no idea- I don't know your musical taste all that well, except that it seems to be excellent most of the time.

  4. You definitely know it. Everybody definitely knows it. I can say that I enjoy Kelly Clarkson (and am only minorly embarrassed by that fact), but not sure if I know Basshunter…. I've heard of Bassnectar, but I might have to consult Google.

    And thanks. It gets questionable at times, but doesn't everyones?? Haha.

  5. And we have a winner! Congrats Sara Louise, and please hold up your hand for a virtual high five. *insert high five noise here*

    But the real question is, do you picture the music video with the Go-Go's on water skis when you hear it? Because I do.

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