Photo A Day July: End Of The Month Recap

Happy August! This means I’m less than 10 days from vacation, celebrating my 26th* birthday with good friends, and the beach. Ooooh, the beach. Almost there.

I quite enjoyed this photo-a-day thing. I doubt I’ll be doing it every month, but if I’m bored, I might go for it again. Having said that, here comes week four plus the last few days of July…

Day 22: upside down.

This day really couldn’t have worked out better. The topic was upside-down, and I was in Prague. And what is more upside-down than David Černý’s Svaty Vaclav? 

Day 23: mirror.

Day 24: a stranger.

Day 24 was probably the creepiest task. My original plan was to creepily take a picture of someone on the U-Bahn or something, but I got distracted so that didn’t happen. Instead, I super-creepily stalked people from the balcony. Fun!

Day 25: heart.

Day 26: sunshine.

Day 27: on the road.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your opinion of my driving abilities…) I don’t spend any time driving, so on the road had to be from the sidewalk. Close enough, I think.

Day 28: cup.

Day 29: last thing you bought.

Technically the last thing I bought was groceries, but the box of minute rice didn’t make it into the photo. Produce is prettier.

Day 30: calm.

I love my Monday strolls through the village. 

Day 31: toothbrush.

Really? Toothbrush. Yep. The last task is another weird one. Luckily I had to swing into the Müller to pick up a few things anyway, so toothbrushes it is. 

*Ok, ok, 26th for the third time.


10 thoughts on “Photo A Day July: End Of The Month Recap

  1. Hi Heather,

    I hope not to bother you but I just found your blog and realized that you're an expat living in Germany. And since I'm a student from Bochum [Have you ever been there?] writing my master's thesis about expatriates working in a foreign country and handling all the cultural differences, I would like to ask you if maybe you could fill out a small questionnaire I did? There are 18 questions, in case you're not able to or you don't want to, there's no need answering every single question and of course I will not forward any private information about you, I only need the answers 🙂 It would really mean a lot to me!

    I look forward to hearing from you and would be very thankful for your help.

    Kind regards, Lilly

  2. Thanks Fiona, I'm trying not to have a crisis about inching closer to numbers that start with 3… Really this wouldn't even have been my plan, but my friend that I'll be in Greece with was there last year, and apparently they told everyone they were 25. Soooo on the off chance that any of the illustrious bartenders REMEMBER that fact, we shall be celebrating my 26th. Logic!

  3. Hi Lilly, thanks for your comment! I've heard of Bochum, but haven't made it there (or most of northern Germany for that matter), but am hoping to fix that soon. 🙂 I'd be happy to fill out a questionnaire for you, just send it to me at No problem at all, so just send it on over.


  4. The I Heart Normandy mug resurfaces!!! I love this mug. It speaks to me because I too, love Normandy. Who wouldn't? Maybe people from there…I don't know.

    The stranger one would creep me out too. It reminds me of when I was trying to slyly snap photos of Japanese school girls in Tokyo. Just typing that out sounds sleazy. I felt like a perv, and you can see my hesitation in a poorly taken photo. Oh well.

    Enjoy your vacation! Where are you going?

  5. I support Normandy love, that's for sure.

    I always feel that way trying to take stealth photos of people. Which would be why the majority of my pictures are of buildings or landscapes or other non-people things. So the balcony creeping seemed like the best choice for me.

    Thanks and I intend to! I'm meeting some friends in Budapest on Friday, then we head south to the Greek Islands. Considering it's 19 degrees and raining here right now, that beach cannot come soon enough!

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