Süsser Freitag…. And We’re Off!

Happy Friday and good morning from an ICE train 30 minutes out of Nürnberg. That’s right, it’s time for vacation and now that I’m in the future, I can update along the way…

I have to say, winding our way south through the sun-soaked fields and woods in the morning while listening to ‘Paradise’ by Coldplay is just delightful. Anyway.

There won’t be any cake today; instead I’d like to share something exciting I found.


The Le Crobag at the train station has delicious cookies. This is not something you find every day in these parts, so in lieu of my normal slice of cake, please accept these cookies. Which I bought for my morning train ride. Soooo, for breakfast. I’m on vacation, don’t judge me.

Additionally, here are some quick snaps from the train. I’m on the blogger app so I can’t format anything properly, has anyone else using the app found a solution to this??


10 thoughts on “Süsser Freitag…. And We’re Off!

  1. I did NOT notice the cookies at Le Crobag last time I was traveling by rail, which was just last weekend.

    I love cookies in a way that might well be illegal. The best cookies I've found in Germany so far have been at Subway though, which is really sad considering all the awesome bakeries.

    I do love ICE trains, but I have yet to ever successfully connect to their onboard wifi.

    Have a nice trip!

  2. The chocolate ones are pretty good. I'd look into it ASAP if I were you. You know,I thought ICE trains wre supposed to have wifi, but I couldn't connect either. Just had to make do with the normal network. And thanks! I'll try… 🙂

  3. I figured out what I was doing wrong- the connection is there, but it's provided by Telekom.de – it's not free WiFi. Derp!

    I actually have access courtesy of my office because my phone is on a Telekom contract, but I've never tried it out with authentication because I only learned this in the last week or two.

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