In Budapest…

But haven’t hardly left the hostel. Good thing there is lots of color here…


6 thoughts on “In Budapest…

  1. Budapest seriously has the best selection of hostels: all so cheap, so fun, great reviews and the staff just loves to party. I have got to go back there – i tell everyone its the best surprise in Europe!

  2. Well if you're looking to party, then this one is a good choice. We picked it because they usually do a ton of stuff on the weekends as far as pub crawls and other activities. Unfortunately, there was the big music fest the weekend we were there, so things weren't quite running like normal. We still did some fun stuff, but I think I'm definitely going to have to get back there because there is a TON more to see! Granted, I also wasted about four hours sitting in the exact same spot in one of the bath pools. Which I would totally do again because it was fantastic.

  3. Was neon pants guy the one that was sleeping below me? I cannot recall, all I remember is the zumba pants that he wore to bed…that and the turning on of the light and me telling him that he was going to be murdered by other people in the room. Good times in Budapest, you have to wait for me to go back!

  4. I went to Budapest and stayed with someone via CouchSurfers…it was totally weird. But it makes for a hilarious story (a year later/not murdered). The city was beautiful though and I would definitely love to go back.

  5. Thanks for the comment!

    I take it that you mean weird in a bad way then? Eek. I've only couchsurfed once and it was a really good experience, but I hear that there are some nutters out there. I think Budapest would be a good place to do it, but with a group of three, that gets a little tricky. Totally agree with you on going back though!

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