Aegean Blue

The good news is that the view from Santorini’s White Beach is lovely. The bad news is that it is a *itch to get in and out of the water there. It’s only accessible by boat and they drop you off in waist-deep water while waves slosh in. If you’re not wearing shoes, getting to shore is a struggle, as it’s a rock beach. The rocks are slippery, uneven, and all-around tricky to navigate.

I also managed to bump up against something on a boulder out in the water, and had a slightly alarming red scratched patch on my leg. I was worried about the possibility of having to amputate a limb on vacation, but luckily it seems to have calmed down a bit.

The water at this beach is also not as nice, as there is a TON of seaweed there. To the point where my swimsuit was still full of the stuff when we got back to the hotel this evening.

So the view was great, and we were happy to check out another beach. But I doubt White Beach will make our ‘return to list’ in the next few days….


4 thoughts on “Aegean Blue

  1. Even though you were disappointed with the beach, the photo is still beautiful! I hate murky, seaweedy, rocky ocean floors myself. Hopefully you were able to see to the bottom to see exactly what you were walking through.

    I'm so jealous of this heat wave that is sweeping through Europe right now! NY is chilly and am so not ready for summer to be over!

    Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Thanks M.C.! This beach was actually the only one that we went to where you couldn't see the bottom… so if you want to see the bottom and don't want to fall on your ass multiple times getting in and out of the water, I would skip White Beach. The other ones are equally lovely, so you won't be missing much. πŸ™‚

    Hope NY warmed up a bit for you and enjoy your time in the States! (eat Mexican food for us all over here…) πŸ™‚

  3. A bit of a bummer, but we all lived to tell the tale. I would recommend a visit for sure, there's a lot to see and do! (Did I mention wineries? I seem to recall you enjoying a glass or two of vino on occasion…)

    Leg is fine, cleared up completely in a day or two so no clue what caused that. Possible amputations on vacation would be difficult. But the theme of our trip was illness and injury so it fit in just fine. More on that later. πŸ™‚

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