Vacation Sample Conversation.

So we’ve spent the last four days on the island Ios. This island is pretty much just for partying, and it’s been a little bit out of hand; sometimes intentionally and sometimes not so much. How can it be unintentional? Well, let me present this sample conversation, slightly paraphrased due to memory loss…

Scene: mid-afternoon Monday at the beach.

Waitress: “hey babes, crazy night last night?”
Alicia: “yeah, alright”
Waitress: “you girls want something to drink?”
Alicia: “can I get an iced coffee?”
Waitress: “strawberry daiquiri?”
Alicia: “iced coffee?”
Waitress: “strawberry daiquiri?”
Alicia: *looks at me*
Heather: “strawberry daiquiri sounds fantastic”
Waitress: “two daiquiris it is”

And they were delicious.


7 thoughts on “Vacation Sample Conversation.

  1. @Wiffy and Lacey: any place where I get to lay on the beach and someone brings me cocktails is heaven to me. ūüôā

    @Alicia: seriously. Can't even process that right now.

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