Sorry if I’ve been crap at answering comments and such. I’m back in Germany now, and it’s been a little nutty.

I flew back Thursday to Frankfurt, where I picked up my friend Courtney who flew in from Vegas two hours earlier. She’s my co-contributor for the main part of the House Hunters shoot. Which is where we are right now. They’re currently filming some stuff with our realtor, so the rest of us are sitting in another office playing with our phones.

In the meantime though, here are some high-quality pictures…


7 thoughts on “Mid-shoot

  1. Yep yep. I think I left a comment on your post about it (maybe? too lazy to go back and look), and it was really fun! I'm pretty sure we had the same director as well. It was definitely an experience, that's for sure… my friend came to help me and we're just hoping we don't look like nuts on TV. 🙂

  2. After I posted this comment, somewhere in the ramshackle of my brain I remembered your post. I blog because I can't remember anything.

    So glad you had fun and got to work with that team. We had fabulous time with them and really enjoyed the experience. We were really awkward the whole shoot and our episode somehow turned out with us looking (somewhat) charming, so ! am sure your episode will be great.

  3. That's why I blog too. It's cool.

    You're right, you guys were charming. So I'm hoping they can make us not a disaster too! By the last day our conversational abilities were pretty shot and so my friend decided that the best solution to everything was to shove a sausage in her face. I'm hoping that makes the show. 🙂

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