What Happened to August?

Seriously. Can anyone tell me where the hell August went?? I have an idea, but I’m pretty sure there’s no way I could have fit all this nonsense into one month. Here’s what I *think* I was doing….

August 1-9: business as usual. Work, friends, blah blah blah.
August 10-12: travel to Budapest, meet friends who flew from U.S., eat goulash, etc.
August 13-16: fly to Santorini, couple days at the beach
August 17-22: ferry to Ios, more days at the beach
August 22: ferry back to Santorini, one more afternoon at the beach
August 23: fly to Frankfurt, pick up Courtney, train back to Nürnberg
August 24-26: House Hunters International main story shoot 
August 27-29: rest of Courtney’s visit, including trips to the Weltenburger Kloster, Munich, and Frankfurt
August 30: drop off Courtney at Frankfurt airport, return to Nürnberg  
August 31: back to work with one class and a teacher’s meeting

Soooooo. Yeah.  

Needless to say, I have a TON of stuff to post about, but here’s how the weekend went….

Things I should have done this weekend:

  • put my house back together because everything got crammed into drawers for the HHI shoot
  • got everything together for my classes that resume this week
  • completed laundry
  • uploaded and organized photos
  • drafted blog posts
  • sent out CV’s as I need to pick up some more work 

Things I did do this weekend:

  • laid on the couch
  • watched truly awful reality television (side note: when did TLC stop being ‘The Learning Channel’ and start being… whatever the hell it is now??)
  • slept 12+ hours a night and still took naps
  • finished half of my laundry
  • went to the grocery store, only because my fridge was empty
  • got things together for my Ausländeramt appointment that I had this morning, again, only because there was no way around it

This level of laziness means that I now have a bunch of stuff to do today to prep for this week, but I’m not making any promises. I’m already feeling like a nap might be in my future….




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