Let’s Start at the Beginning: Vacation Part One

First off, I’d like to apologize to anyone who’s tried commenting recently and had issues! I know those captcha things are super annoying, but when I turned it off a few weeks ago, I got like 20 spam comments in a day. This irritated the hell out of me, so I turned it back on. But it was just brought to my attention that people are getting told that they aren’t correct when they enter them, and so they aren’t able to comment. Sorry about that! I’m turning it back off now, so please leave comments because I do love them. BUT if you are an evil spambot commenter, I will hunt you down and beat you severely about the head and shoulders with my shoe. A heavy one too… not a flip flop. But on to the fun stuff! 

Being that I was on vacation for two weeks, I’m going to break it up a bit into separate posts. So today we’ll start with a bit about the trip to Budapest. I posted a few pictures from the train on the way, but I lost wifi when I left Germany, so I have quite a few more for you. These are all from the iPhone, so apologies for the not-so-fantastic quality. They look good on the phone though! We’re going to be a bit long here, so I’ll send this one off… click away!

I tried to take pictures in a lot of the stops we made along the way, because I have ‘stalker mode’ turned on with the phone, and one of my favorite features of the iPhone is the photo map. I’m a big fan of putting as many dots on my map as possible, and now I can follow my whole train trip with the dots. I’m easily entertained, I guess. 

The few weeks before vacation I had really been working my tail off. I had to do testing in 10 of my 16 classes, which meant writing, administering, and grading tests, plus writing reports about all the classes with the test results. I was pretty much completely exhausted after this, and was in dire need of vacation. Oddly, one of the things that I was most excited about was my 8-hour trip to Budapest on a train. Why? Because I would get to sit on my ass for eight whole hours with nothing to do. This was ridiculously exciting to me. Maybe a little sad, but true. So, to the trip! 


I know I posted this one already but I like it. Deal.


Woo! Train platforms!

Assorted Germany:

Rivers! Woo!

Linz, Austria:

I had to change trains in Linz, so I said Tschüss to my comfy ICE ride. Little did I know….

The Austrian countryside:

When I got on the new train in Linz, it was pretty much full already. But everyone on the platform still tried to struggle through the aisles in search of seats that most definitely did not exist. This led to people basically having to climb over each other in order to get to their reserved seats, and kicking out the people who were already sitting in them. This also led to people being a bit on the rude side, but given the circumstances it was pretty understandable. Between the tuna-can packed full cars, the luggage all over the place, and the general sense of disorder, it was a royal pain in the ass. 

After it became apparent that there were no seats to be had, I said “to hell with it,” and dragged my suitcase back out of the car into the doorway at the end of the compartment. There were already people sitting in three of the four doorways, but I claimed the last spot. Honestly, sitting on the step and looking out the door’s window was infinitely more comfortable than standing with my suitcase in the middle of an aisle. Only downfall to this was being right next to the bathroom. It was mostly okay, but right when I decided to eat the sandwich I’d picked up in Linz, someone went in the bathroom and judging by the smell, died in there. Oh the joys of public transit. Luckily I was used to it after our ill-fated trip to Poland a few years ago.

Overall though, it was pretty comfortable. Right up until about 20 minutes outside of Vienna, when a large group of Japanese teenagers started to congregate in the doorway. I’d seen their group leader run through the cars and I understand that it’s a big job to round up a large group of kids, but did they really need to stand in the doorway for 20 minutes hitting myself and the others sitting there in the heads with their backpacks? No. No they didn’t. Also, they were in and out of the bathroom and it got a little hairy for a bit with the smell. On the bright side, the train emptied enough in Vienna that I was actually able to get a seat after that. Let’s hear it for chairs!

Vienna West:

Repetition in Austria:

I don’t know what they’re building, but that is A LOT of cranes.

And A LOT of turbines
I ♥ Instagram.
And lots of poles. (That’s what she said.)

Finally in Hungary! Gyor: 

Exciting, no?

And get me off of this bloody train after 8 hours… in Budapest:

Train rides are great though. I really do enjoy sitting back, relaxing, and watching the scenery go by. Bonus points if you get a chair. So that was the trip to Budapest, and stay tuned for the recap of what we got up to there!


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