Vacation Part Three: Remember the Beach??

The beaches of Greece seem like a million years ago, but it was really only five weeks. But as I said… it’s pretty much been a whirlwind since then, and so these posts are getting stretched out much thinner than I had originally planned. Anyway.

To the beach!

After we left Budapest, we headed for the Greek Islands. First we flew to Santorini, stayed there for a few days, and then went to Ios.

In Santorini, we didn’t stay in the main city, instead we stayed in a town on the opposite side of the island called Perissa. This was a nice little town, with plenty of beachfront bars/restaurants, and a long stretch of black beach….

Sweet Mary, Mother of Mojito….

The water here was pretty clear, but a little bit rough. But in the grand scheme of things… not too bad. As far as the beds/umbrellas went, different places have different deals. Some places charge a few Euros for a day, and some places you had to buy a drink. But those mojitos were some of the best I’ve had, so I was okay with that deal.

Santorini isn’t a huge island, but if you want to get around you will need some wheels. We rented some four-wheelers, but you can also get yourself a scooter if you’re more inclined to things with only two wheels.

On our first full day in Santorini, we took our four-wheelers and went out to Red Beach. This beach is super popular, and therefore super crowded. There is a bit of a hike from the parking area down to the beach, so if you’re feeling lazy, keep that in mind. It was really beautiful though, with the red and black volcanic rock…

Hiking down to the beach…

Like I said, a little crowded.

One of my friends, Alicia, was in Santorini prior to our Oktoberfest trip last year, and everyone told her that she just had to go to White Beach. The only way to get there is by boat, so after a bit of time at Red Beach, we hopped a boat that would take you to a different black beach, and also White Beach. 

Red Beach from the boat.

We decided to skip the black beach, and just stuck to the White Beach. I posted a quick picture from it when we were there, and as I said, this beach wasn’t one I’d go back to. It was beautiful, and the view was great, but the water was FULL of seaweed, and it was so hard to get in and out of the water, that it was not a lot of fun. I’ve been to rock beaches before, but this was a ROCK beach. 

Those are not small. And when they get wet, and covered in seaweed, they are seriously hazardous. And as I said in the original post, getting in and out of the choppy water to the boat was a real challenge while sliding on the rocks and trying not to drop your beach bag that contains your almost-new iPhone and large/heavy camera in the water. If you are as uncoordinated as I am, you will have problems. I always wondered who bought those goofy water shoes, and now I know. People who go to White Beach. It was pretty though…

Watching others struggle in and out of the water was entertainment. Until you had to do it yourself.


White Beach from the boat.

After a few days in Santorini, we took a ferry about an hour to the island of Ios. Ios is a much smaller island, and we only went to one beach there. A bus did go to another part of the island and a different beach, but we pretty much just got on whatever bus showed up first, and so we wound up at the same place every day. It was a pretty rockin’ beach though, so I was okay with that. 

Mylopotas beach in Ios is a looooong white sand beach on a bit of a bay so it had really nice, calm water. It’s a short bus ride down the hill from the main city of Chora, so we could be there in almost no time from the hotel. You can walk up/down the hill, but it’s a pretty good hike so we opted for the bus. Again there are a ton of bars/restaurants along the beach that offer umbrellas and beds, and this is where we had the amazing iced coffee/daiquiri fail. Despite the fact that we went to the exact same place every day we were there, prices on the beds/umbrellas seemed to vary by day. But when prices only vary from zero to two Euros, it’s not really a big deal. And the daiquiris were only five Euros. Yes please!

That water was as amazing as it looks. Just fantastic. It’s only empty because this picture was probably taken before noon. Because Ios is the party place, you can go to the beach in the morning, and it will be damn near empty until early to mid-afternoon. At which point everyone rolls out of their caves, throws on their finest promotional singlet from the night before, and comes down to the beach to wash the shame out of their hair.

Kidding. Mostly. 

I think I’d go back to Ios but maybe not during peak season. There’s only so much nonsense I can take. This is a sure sign that I’m getting old. September might be a better time for me to go. But if you want to party party party, this is definitely the place to be. 

So that’s my summary of the beaches we checked out while in Greece… stay tuned for whatever I throw together next! Maybe food, maybe animals, maybe videos of my friends imitating Australians… you never know. 


9 thoughts on “Vacation Part Three: Remember the Beach??

  1. Santorini has been on my must visit list for ages now, and I really need to do something about it. But I will definitely be avoiding White Beach because me + seaweed + choppy waters + rocks = disaster waiting to happen.

  2. Get going! Nothing says good times like hitting the beach after some four-wheeling and wine tasting. But yes, if you are as clumsy as I am… stay away from White Beach.

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