Vacation Part Five: Sometimes We Ate.

I think it kind of goes without saying that we ate really well in Greece. But we did fall into the vacation trap of eating not enough, or at strange times, or not having any fruits or veggies for days at a time. Tip: when you go on vacation, please don’t forget to eat. It does get tricky, particularly if you’re staying at places that don’t provide a breakfast. So eat. It helps. 

As far as day food choices went, we usually hit the bakeries on the islands, which have a ton of amaaaaaaaazing pastries to choose from, and are dirt cheap. I’m talking pockets of fluffy, croissant-like dough, stuffed with feta, tomatoes, peppers, and olives. So. Good. So. So. So. Good. One of the bakery owners even stuffed a few extra sesame-seed breadsticks in the bag with my order, so I certainly can’t complain about that. 

At night though, we ventured out to try what the islands had to offer. As I mentioned a few posts ago, we stayed in the town of Perissa on Santorini, and the town has a great selection of restaurants and bars all along the beach. On our last night on the island, we were all in the mood for fish, so we decided to go and get some serious Greek food….

My fish…
Cassie’s fish.

Note: most of the restaurants along this strip have people standing outside trying to lure you into the restaurant, which was also the case at this restaurant. We were eating early so we could take the four-wheelers over to the main city to go out later, and so the place was pretty empty. Therefore, the guy at the front was bored and fixated on us. This had pros and cons. Pro: he brought us over a big carafe of wine which was on the house. Con: he was kind of creepy, was telling us about his extreme fighter career, and wanted us to go to a party with him later which we had to maneuver our way out of. So ladies, be aware.

We were on Ios for my birthday, and we went to a fantastic tapas restaurant for dinner that night. I have no idea what it’s called, but here’s what it looks like from the front….

Ios is not a big island, and the main city is tiny, so if you’re there, just ask your hotel and I’m sure they can direct you to this place. It is worth a visit, but we ate entirely too much…

World’s tiniest beer glass.
Fried feta with honey, tzatziki, and bread.
Chicken, veggies, and awesome.
BBQ pork bites, and meatballs. Money in the bank.

Really… if you go to Ios, go here. It was delish. Good service, good food, good vibe. And kitties running around your feet while you eat.


4 thoughts on “Vacation Part Five: Sometimes We Ate.

  1. I have the opposite problem when I'm vacation. I think I remember TOO often to eat and always come back a little more filled out than I came. ; )

    Great photos. The food looks incredible. Greece is definitely on my wish list. I heard that you really do get your bang for your buck (not to sound crass) and can have a nice vacation on the cheap! On a whole, did you find this to be true?

  2. My main problem is usually the times. Especially if you're staying somewhere that doesn't do breakfast like we were, and then we didn't end up eating until late afternoon/early evening some days.

    Thanks, my iPhone did what it could, haha. Overall I'd say we did pretty well cash-wise on this trip, but we were also three people splitting rooms/ATV rentals/food, etc. So that helped a lot. I think a lot of the travel agencies have some pretty good deals to Greece at the moment as well, so I think you could definitely get a pretty good vacation for pretty cheap if you do some digging!

  3. Thanks! I tried googling and looking on the map and could not find a damn thing as to what the name might be. Put it in the book! Also had deep-fried brie at the tapas place we went to in London and it was equally as awesome.

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